We build custom solutions for clients of all kinds, but have a special focus in healthcare, education, sports events, and hospitality & special events.

Client Success

"We're improving visitor and patient experience by providing a resource for reliable communication. The charging station has made a positive impact on our waiting rooms."

Mark Holtz


“We purchased a wall mountable / stand / table charging center to use in our booth at shows. It works perfectly and people love it. You won’t be disappointed with their products or customer service!.”

Gary / Hilton


“Did you know that 88% of all newborns get their first photo taken by a cell phone? Our guests are desperate to keep their phones charged at all times when their newborns arrive.”

Rich / Hoag


“Our students wanted phone charging stations above any other amenity. They can’t live without their mobile devices. They need and want to stay connected with peers, teachers and family.”

Judy / UCSD

Customization for Any Need, Any Team


Work with our branding and artwork specialists to produce custom branded ChargeTech products for your event, business, or organization.


Speak to a ChargeTech team member to get a quote for orders of any size. We can work with your budget to find the perfect solution for you.


Attractive Leasing Terms are available on several of our products. Speak to a ChargeTech team member to see if a Leasing Program might be the right solution for your company.

Why ChargeTech?

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Check out CleanCharge by ChargeTech, our latest collection of next-generation antimicrobial and UV disinfection built for our valued enterprise clients in education and beyond.
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Why Charging and Cleaning Stations?

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