Developed in consultation with experts in antimicrobial sanitation, our next generation of CleanCharge branded Portable Power Outlets are surfaced with an antimicrobial film to stop the spread of harmful microbes and bacteria.

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UV Disinfection

ChargeTech has been a leading provider of UV sanitizing units for personal electronic devices for several years. Our next generation of CleanCharge branded UV disinfection products, expected in the spring of 2021, will take these trusted products to the highest standards of disinfection. 

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Slide The next generation of our best selling 27K mAh Personal Power Outlet (PPO) treated with an antimicrobial film. AMPPO 27K 4.0 The AMPPO delivers hours of battery life in a compact and durable body to reliably power laptops, tablets, cellphones, and more. This product comes standard with an antimicrobial film that provides always-on passive protection against microbes, bacteria, and viruses from growing on your device. Buy Now Slide CleanCharge Laptop
Sleeve with ViralOff
CleanCharge Laptop Sleeve is designed to protect laptops and Chromebooks from harboring harmful viruses and bacteria.

This product is infused with ViralOff , an antiviral material that has been proven to eliminate 99% of viruses including SARS Coronavirus within two hours of contact. To learn more about this product, click the button below.
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