Wireless Phone Charging Stations

The popularity and appeal of wireless technology today is all about “convenience”. We no longer want to worry about threading ugly cables throughout our homes and offices, searching for the shortest path to plug into our Internet ports, printers, servers, and other electronic devices. Once wireless technology becomes more universally accepted, this will change the way that all types of digital technology will be designed. Power ports and Internet modems will no longer be needed due to the space-saving capabilities and smaller batteries of these wireless digital advancements.

CES has been on the cutting edge of these latest innovations in wireless power, helping to inform both residential and commercial customers of the many opportunities that exist in the wireless market today. We expect 2014 to see huge increases in the use of wireless technologies with many more additional improvements expected to occur, as well. So far, most trade shows, CES included, have chosen to use our Universal Phone Charger.

With so many standard wireless products available on the market today, why is this technology so slow to take hold? Fortunately enough, ChargeAll has released a wireless charging pack for easy upgrade of all your existing devices.

Many believe that that the lack of standardization between products is leading to the slower rate of acceptance by the average consumer. Yes, we have the Qi standard, but there are countless other options also available that are not part of these Qi technologies. Even Qualcomm has its own version of wireless charging technologies for electric automobiles which charges the motor rather than the smartphone itself. So, this can all be very confusing to the average consumer.

But CES is beginning to see progress on this issue, as the WPC is trying to develop and implement industry guidelines that will be adopted and formatted to adhere to the Qi standard.

Today, Qi technology utilizes near-field coupling that connects the antenna inside your charger to the one located inside your smartphone. This means that users would need to include additional coil antennae inside their wireless devices or rely on others to line up automatically through a series of other multiple wireless devices in the perfect locations.

Resonate Wireless Technology allows you get still receive a full charge even if your smartphone is not in direct alignment or if some other object in blocking the pathway. New charging systems that can easily be bolted under tables and desks will also offer additional freedom and ease of use. Simply position your smartphone directly on the charger, and then everything works perfectly. Til then, ChargeAll is offering our most popular phone charging station, or our latest wall mounted phone charging station.