Wireless Phone Charging Advances

A team of Korean scientists have taken the idea of Coupled Magnetic Resonance System (CMRS) and made significant improvements. CMRS was first developed by MIT scientists in 2007, powering a lightbulb from across a room using magnetic coils. Today, scientists from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have discovered a way to improve wireless power transfer from five to over fifteen feet. By using two ten foot long boxes made of coils of wire encompassed by compact ferrite core rods, wireless electricity can be generated. One box creates a magnetic field wile the other box generates the voltage. The scientists call it a Dipole Coil Resonant System (DCRS).

The DCRS sends wireless power to devices in between the two boxes. Engineering professor Chun T. Rim believes wireless power is the future and eventually, device anywhere can be powered without having to worry about battery life. Similar to having Wi-Fi zones at your local Starbucks, there will be "Wi-Power" zones to power devices. The team has claimed that this wireless power can charge up to 40 phones at the same time. There is also a video where they demonstrate the DCRS powering an LED TV and three 40 watt fans wirelessly.

Wireless charge

Don't count on this wireless power to appear at your favorite shops anytime soon. Yes, the technology sounds amazing, but there are always downsides. There are risks of stepping into a magnetic field with a pacemaker or even metal in prosthetic limbs. Don't forget about all of your credit cards that you carry in your wallet. It is obvious why there are no humans in the photo. The emitted waves may contain carcinogens and are unsafe. This technology is still in its infant stages but it will be exciting to see how it will advance in the future.