Wireless Charging Stations at Starbucks


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Apr. 13, 2015

To say that people today are strongly attached to their mobile devices is an understatement. These devices are more than a phone and more than a computer now, these mobile devices have literally become people's entire lives. With the high speed growing of technology, the people face a serious problem. This problem is CHARGING. Everyone is asking for a cable or searching for charging points during the day.

Recently Starbucks announced the project of wireless charging stations with Powermat. The project started in San Francisco and will spread to other metropolitan areas this year. Starbucks reported the plan for the installation of 100,000 wireless chargers in more than 7,500 stores in next 3 years.

Starbucks is the pioneer of coffee shops for Wi-Fi connection technology in the past. They realized the importance and need of Wi-Fi many years ago. Now competitors of Starbucks are following the initial steps of Starbucks for this subject. Today Starbucks deploys a new project with collaboration with Powermat. It looks likeStarbucks is taking a huge step once again.

The President of Duracell at Procter and Gamble, Stassi Anastassov once stated, "When Starbucks introduced Wi-Fi in their stores in 2001, 95 percent of devices didn’t have Wi-Fi."

Powermat is the new generation wireless charging. This collaboration changes the classical Starbucks tables with the new generation ready to charge wireless tables. According to IHS, 80% of consumers want wireless charging in public places.

According to Daniel Schreiber who is the President of Powermat Technologies, consumers are waiting for this technology from companies.

Another different wireless system is Rezence (A4WP). This wireless charging system is created by Qualcomm and Samsung. Last February A4WP and PMA signed a merging contract. Thanks to this contract two of the three major companies are working together to create new solutions to charge the wireless charging market.

In these technologies PMA is adaptable for Starbucks because thanks to PMA, Starbucks can track the customer for how long the customers are charging their phones without any purchases and they can send notification to their mobile devices.

Adam Brotman who is the Chief Digital Officer of Starbucks reported that they are pleased with the customer’s response for the initial tests and now they are ready to expand this reform to other Starbucks stores.

How does it work?


This wireless charging is free at Starbucks, but the customers may need a special adapter for charging their phone. Today, "Powermat Spots" compatible with Asus and Kyocera Hydra Vibe. But if you don’t have one of these phones or you are a big fan of Apple devices, the magic ring of Powermat will cost $9.99 for a mini-USB and $12.99 for an iPhone compatible.

Basically the system is works very simple; first customers have to plug the Powermat ring into the mobile devices. After that they just need to put their devices to designated marked area on the table and then your phone is going to start charging immediately. Thanks to this new technology the people can charge their phone on the table without any cable or power outlets.