How to improve iPhone Battery Life

Improving iPhone Battery Life

If you are an iPhone owner, you know that your battery can go dead at the wrong times, especially if you have many apps installed. Therefore, today we are focusing on how you can improve your iPhone’s battery life.

Do Not Allow App Notifications

App Notifications

When you install an app usually, it asks if you want to allow app notifications. Always select no or your phone battery will be drained quickly. Alternatively, you can go under your settings and turn off the notifications from the apps that you do not need to be notified from constantly.

Modify Your Display Settings

When you are not using your iPhone, you should have it off. To conserve your battery go under your settings and make the auto lock shorter and turn off the auto brightness. It is recommended that you keep your brightness low and then adjust it when needed so your phone battery lasts longer.

Avoid Animations

Animations can be fun to look at yet at the same time they are draining your phone’s battery dry. Instead, it is suggested that you just use a static image or one of your favorite photos and reduce motion in your settings.

Check Your Email Manually


We all like to know what is going on in our inboxes when we are on the go. However, when you have push email settings on it could be causing your battery to die quickly depending on how often your phone synchronizes and how many emails you receive throughout the day. Therefore, it is recommended that you check your email manually. Think about it, even when you see the email icon showing you probably are not going to be checking it every five minutes anyways.

Closing Thoughts

These are just some of the ways to conserve your iPhone’s battery. There are other ways to save your battery but they all revolve around making a few changes to your phones settings.