Top Reasons Why Schools Need Charging Stations

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Let's face it, the most important items students carry to class are their keys, wallet, backpack, and cell phones. Of course, the item that requires the most maintenance is the cellphone. If you go to campus without a full charge, chances are you'll never make it through the day without having to find a wall outlet. If a phone runs out of battery, students will lose a vital form of communication and web access. Whether its an Apple iPhone, Samsung, or Nokia, battery life does not last forever and here's a solution.

With the addition of charging stations on campus, students, staff, and visitors will no longer have to worry about their devices running out of battery when they need them most. The beauty of charging stations is that everyone can use it no matter what type of device they have. ChargeTech has a wide array of charging stations that can be placed virtually anywhere. Tabletops, mounted on a wall, or even standalone units are available. Whether they are studying at a library, at a dining hall, student center, or just on campus, a charging station can be placed at all of those locations. To highlight a few

ChargeTech CS10

-The perfect tabletop charging station that can be placed at food courts, study tables, or in classrooms.

-Has 10 charging cables for optimal charging.

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 ChargeTech WM9



-A wall-mounted charging station featuring LED lights, customized artwork, and rubberized shelf to avoid accidents

-8 charging cables

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ChargeTech S9


-The perfect solution for a meeting or convention.

-8 charging cables

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Imagine that it is a student's first day of college. They spent a large amount of their cellphone battery using a GPS to get to school only to find out that they were at the wrong parking lot. When they finally find the correct parking spot, they use their cellphone to pull up their class schedule and room number. Being lost on campus is no fun so they use the GPS to locate the correct building. During class, the student will constantly be using their phone and tablet to take notes. At this point, all of the devices are running low on battery and a charge is needed. Luckily, this campus recently implemented charging stations at several locations and now this student will have enough juice to last the school day and more.
Higher education institutions realize how important electronic devices are and have been quickly introducing new charging stations to their campuses. ChargeTech provides stations for several of these prestigious institutions with quality customer service to back up their products.
A key issue for many colleges is that they just do not have the funds to add amenities such as charging stations. The good news is that ChargeTech provides these products for extremely fair prices that are well below their competitors. Without sacrificing quality, ChargeTech stations will be available to provide charging for every graduating class to step foot on campus.