Apple Watch Battery Life

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applewatch1The Apple Watch has been announced for April release with a few disappointments. The first issue was Apple not being able to implement blood pressure or stress levels. The second issue, which is also prominent in Apple iPhone's, is the battery life. If you thought your iPhone battery was bad, wait until you get your hands on an Apple Watch. Apple has equipped their smartwatch with a powerful processor and high quality screen capable of 60 FPS. While technology is constantly evolving, battery life is not.

Apple's intentions of the Apple Watch were to have the battery last a full day requiring a charge every night. However, recent rumors have concluded that it will last 2.5-4 hours with applications open and constant use. The watch will last approximately 19 hours when combined with active and passive use.
If you are planning to use the Apple Watch as a fitness tracker, the good news is that battery life will last 4 hours with constant use. While the watch can be used for fitness, Apple's main goal is to make it a true timepiece. If the watch is used strictly for time, this is including the second hand ticking animation, the battery life will last about 3 hours. However, we are not constantly looking at the watch. When not in use, the watch will shut off the display and therefore, battery life can be saved.

While battery life may seem disappointing, the truth is that the majority of users will only use the Apple Watch passively. It can be used as a supplement to the iPhone itself, but not as a replacement. For the average user, the Apple Watch will last approximately 19 hours. As Apple history has shown, the first generation products will not always meet their goals. The first generation Apple Watch may not reach these numbers. Luckily, the Apple Watch is not the only wearable on the market. There are portable charging bracelets which can charge the Apple Watch without having to take it off.
The Apple Watch features a similar charging form as the Macbook lines. Their MagSafe technology will be used and the Apple Watch has a port behind the main display where it can be charged. As of now, there are rumors of a plastic and stainless steel version.
There is a clear understanding that innovation in battery life is lacking. This opens much needed market for charging. The battery life has been a looming concern with Apple before the Apple Watch was announced. Initially, the watch had a set release date late 2014 with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ but the battery life is what caused the delay. Currently, there are thousands of Apple Watch testers roaming the streets and putting the watch through daily use. As of now, the expected Apple Watch will ship by the end of March.applewatch4