Cell Phone Mobile Charging in the Blink of an Eye

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A wide range of cell phone charging solutions have been developed to solve smartphone users low battery problems, from Mobile Charging Stations to Universal Battery Packs. A new invention might add to the list of devices that can help avoid your cell phone to die on you.

A Revolutionary Invention

The winner of the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, Eesha Khare, created a fast-charging supercapacitor that could charge cell phones in a few seconds. At only 18, she might be about to revolutionize mobile phone charging as we know it. The device can not only charge cell phones in a very short amount of time, it can also deliver far more power, resulting in long-lasting phone battery life. Batteries would be able to last for 10 000 charge-recharge cycles, as opposed the 1000 cycles obtained with traditional batteries.

A Work Inspired by a Common Phone Charging Problem

According to NBC News, Eesha Khare explained: “My cellphone battery always dies”. This problem and her interest in nanaochemistry inspired her to work on energy-storage technology. So far, the tiny device has only been tested on a LED light but is believed to be compatible with cellphones, computers and even cars. Eesha declared “It is also flexible, so it can be used in rollup displays and clothing and fabric”, another advantage as compared to what we have known so far. She plans to attend Harvard in the fall were she will be pursuing research in nanotechnology.