How To Power A Camper With A Portable Battery

If you've ever tried to power your camper with a generator before, you know how much of a hassle it can be. Dealing with the gas, smoke, and noise hinders the peace nature brings. Until recently, there have not been many alternatives to portable power.

The good news is that charging technology is evolving quickly and campers looking for alternatives to generators have more options to choose from. We here at ChargeTech are huge fans of innovation and Steven Harrell, from Tiny House Listings put together this short video showing you how you can power your camper with a (cargo) "pocket-sized" battery.

How To Power A Camper With Green Energy

Another great thing about this setup if you think about it, is if you're planning on being somewhere with no power, you don't have to lug around a generator, oil, gas, the noise that it makes, the smoke, and all that stuff. You have quiet, clean energy and to me that just seems like a better solution." - Steven Harrell

Alternative current (AC) outlets haven't always been an accessory you can bring with you unless it's the one you plug in your cigarette lighter. Still, those pull a charge out of your car battery that puts you at risk of losing power and the ability to get home.

Cigarette lighters are also becoming distinct in vehicles. And while AC outlets are becoming more common in SUV's and trucks, having a backup power pack is always a great idea. They're helpful for charging multiple devices at a single time offering many ports for connection, as seen below.

portable power

Rechargeable powerbanks have started to incorporate AC outlets into their design as seen in the picture above, however, it's important to consider how many milliampere hours (mAh) a portable power bank has.

The more mAh a device has, the longer the run time it will offer.