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It's inevitable, cell phones have become so integrated into our daily lives that public cell phone charging stations will soon be everywhere! This is an opportunity for your business to promote your company and brand name across thousands of different locations around the world. ChargeAll is the #1 cell phone charging station on the market. It’s already being used in thousands of restaurants, bars, hotels, and coffee shops around the world. Notable companies using ChargeAll include the Hilton, Four Seasons, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Cheesecake Factory, Toyota, and more. chargeall-phone-charging-kiosk


This inexpensive charging station would allow your company the opportunity to pioneer the placement of free cell phone chargers in the public space. Just ask our 23,000 followers on; they love ChargeAll and would love your company even more.
Our best selling phone charging station features fast charge technology and works with thousands of devices; everything from the Apple iPhone and Blackberry to Amazon Kindle and Nintendo DS. It’s fully customizable, and is the perfect way to promote your company name & logo in stadiums, bars, restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, hotels, and more across the country.


Charging Station Overview

ChargeAll features 10 tips in 1 and fast charge technology. This charging station caters to not only cell phones, but also tablet PCs, gaming devices and Bluetooth headsets; literally thousands of mobile devices.
What makes ChargeAll unique is that it’s fully customizable, compact and inexpensive. Each charging station can be customized to feature your company name and logo, as well as allow for frequent promotional ad changes via the acrylic sign display. Each charging station has a footprint of only 5 inches (width) by 7 inches (depth) and can be placed anywhere there’s a power source. Whether behind the bar, on individual dining tables, at registration desks or information kiosks; the possibilities are endless. Because ChargeAll is inexpensive and simple to operate, maintenance and installation is non-existent. Even in the worst case scenario, replacement for an entire unit is less than $60.



A. Fully customized stand alone ChargeAll charging stations feature your companies' branded skins. Power Requirement: Basic 110v electrical outlet. Less than 8W electrical draw.

B. 10 Charging Tips

1.) Apple iPhone & iPad 6.) Nokia
2.) Micro USB 7.) Sony Ericsson
3.) Mini USB 8.) Sony PSP
4.) Samsung 9.) Nintendo DSi
5.) LG 10.) Nintendo DS Lite

C. Fast Charge – 50-100% faster than Factory Blackberry/iPhone chargers. 1.5 Watt output

D. Consumer Acquisition for CRM Programs

• One of the most popularly used methods of customer engagement is via the QR code. Each ChargeAll charging station, would feature your companies' scannable QR code. This QR code would be strategically located on the same platform the cell phone is placed, allowing for tethered customer engagement while they sit and wait for their phone to charge.
• Instant Cloud based data storage for CRM acquisition. Each QR code would be linked to your companies':
o Free charging station app
o Promotion
o Video/Informational Advertisement
o Social Media website - Facebook/Twitter
• Customer browses while their cell phone charges.
o Typically charge time is between 5 mins – 20 mins depending on battery level. The customer is now physically tethered and engaged to your companies' branded charging station.

E. Easily updated 4”x6” interchangeable sign.

• Each charging station comes with an acrylic removable sign that can allows for frequent promotional ad changes.

F. Compact 5”x7” footprint allows for strategic placement and prolonged engagement

• ChargeAll allows the user to be next to their phone during their dining or drinking experience, rather than locking their phone away and leaving the advertising experience.
• Multiple charging stations allow for increased privacy and reduces the issue of phone/data theft. Customers are spread out and not clustered around a single charging station kiosk.



ChargeAll charging stations do not require experienced or trained personnel to install our units. There are several ways to mount each unit. The most popular are:
1. Stainless Steel Bolts
2. 3M Industrial Double Sided Tape
3. Wall Mounted L-Bracket

Activation and testing is simple. Three step process: 1.) Mount 2.) Plug In 3.) Charge. Each charging station can be installed by on-site stadium/arena facility personnel. No need for dedicated charging station staff. Installation and mounting assembly instructions to be included with each charging station.



All ChargeAll cell phone charging station’s will provide you and your customers with years of service. Each product is 3rd party lab tested and manufactured overseas in an Apple Inc verified contract factory; quality is of utmost importance to ChargeAll. Our failure rate is ChargeAll features a simple three piece design: charger, housing and lexan sign. There are no repair or maintenance costs. The cost to replace an entire charging station is less than sixty dollars and does not require expensive trained personnel to install a new unit.
We firmly stand by our product 100%, even in the most extreme situations. That is, being exposed to the human element, or more loosely, intoxicated, aggressive individuals who would cause accelerated wear and tear, abuse and tampering to the device. Malfunctions and breakage are rare but can easily be replaced/fixed. Compared to our competitors, issues of downtime, service calls to expensive trained personnel, and regular maintenance costs are avoided. ChargeAll’s solution to the maintenance issue is a simple cost effective replacement of the defective charging station, something that can be done by any individual.



A. Less expensive
• ChargeAll = $60
• Competitor = $1,000+
B2. More Compact
• ChargeAll Footprint – 5” x 7” (inches)
o Can be mounted on tables, bar tops, counters, walls and more.
• Competitor Kiosk Footprint – 3’ x 3’ (feet)
o Must have a dedicated space and mounted on solid ground
3. Longer Customer Engagement
• ChargeAll – Users are comfortably seated (drinking beer/eating food) and keep their cell phones with them at all times
• Competitor – Users are standing and uncomfortable while their phone charges. Or users lock their phones in lockers and leave the advertising experience.
4. More Frequency and Larger Reach
• ChargeAll – More charging stations mean more frequency and larger reach. Literally, free cell phone charging stations everywhere, and multiple charging stations within each bar or restaurant.
• Competitor – Too large and too bulky to place in traditional restaurants and bars. The owners of these establishments want a compact, functional cell phone charging station for their guests.

E. Experience and Existing Customers
ChargeAll is already being used in over 1,500+ locations worldwide. This includes bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, casinos, car dealerships, nail salons, libraries, universities, offices, medical clinics, nightclubs, and much more.
Our company also provides free cell phone charging stations for large scale events such as concerts, music festivals, trade shows, conferences, marathons, and much more.
Hilton Harrah’s, World Healthcare Congress, Four Seasons, Toyota, Pink Taco/Fukuburger, Chrysler, Georgetown University, Best Western, Cheesecake Factory, It’s a Grind Coffee, Marriott, Coachella Music Festival, Long Beach Marathon, Ramada, Los Angeles Times, AEG Live, Beverly Hills Hotel



Thousands of people are everyday are saying “My Cell Phone Died,” ChargeAll is the leading provider of universal cell phone charging stations across the country. Our best selling stations are an innovative and inexpensive way to promote your companies' name and logo across multiple locations and venues.
You can literally buy 20 ChargeAll charging stations for the cost of just 1 traditional phone charging station kiosk. Your company has the opportunity to pioneer a global rollout of free cell phone charging stations.
Take a look at your cell phone, it’s amazing isn’t it? It lets you call your family and friends, answer e-mails, post your status on Facebook, and even play angry birds, but what happens when you’re out and your cell phone dies? Uh oh… what are you going to do? Now just imagine what your customer would feel when they find your companies' custom branded charging station to save them when they need it the most.