Phone Charging Kiosks

Phone Charging Kiosk

Why pay thousands of dollars? Or rent when you could just buy ChargeAll?

Watch the video.

Great article posted in the technology section of MSNBC. They talk about those "other" phone charging station kiosks.

- You know, the kind that make you pay to charge your phone? Or make you watch advertisements while your phone charges? Or the kind that can potentially steal your data?

Thousands of people and businesses around the world love ChargeAll. What makes ChargeAll better than those "other" charging stations? Because ChargeAll is an elegant and simple universal phone charger that suits all types of applications. Those "other" phone charging stations costs thousands of dollars. There's no need for bulky machines that you need to constantly maintain and watch out for.

Remember when Starbucks use to charge for free Wi-Fi? Well, let's just say they no longer charge for Wi-Fi. Why should anyone have to pay to have their cell phone charged? It barely uses any electricity, a fraction of your typical lightbulb. ChargeAll does what it's called, charge all your phones and devices, for free! Maybe we should be called FreeChargeAll.