New In-Store Phone Charging Technology Keeps Shoppers Shopping

  • 3 min read

Retailers suffer pains when they see their hard earned customers walk right out of the door before making a purchase simply because the customer’s phone lost its charge. It is something that happens all too often and many retailers are experiencing a significant loss of business because of it.

There used to be not much a store owner could do about the situation. The shopper’s phone would make that annoying low battery beeping sound and the shoppers would be out the door in search of a place to charge up. For many, their phone is not a luxury, but a necessity that they cannot do without. Having a dead phone battery is an emergency that demands they leave the store even if what they have to pick up from the store is important.

In many instances, the shoppers do not return to the store to complete their shopping trip. Instead they go on with other things or even decide to get the items later at a different store close to home. This does no good for the owner of the phone charging station.

Now there is a solution that just might turn the whole situation around. Smart store owners who take advantage of this innovative technology do not only have a better opportunity to retain their customers, but also attract new ones easily.

These shopkeepers are installing ChargeAll, the convenient cell phone charging station and giving their customers a good reasons to stay and shop. They understand that customers simply do not want to miss that important phone call. When stores advertise that they have an in-store place for charging mobile devices, their customers tend to stick around longer and new customers come in to take advantage of the charging station.

The kiosks provide a safe place for the phone to charge, which is very important to customers because they do not have to worry about their phone getting stolen or damaged when they are not around. ChargeAll even has a convenient charging station model that fits nicely behind the counter. This model helps businesses portray the image of possessing excellent customer care because the customers can hand their phone over to a live person and pick it up with they are done. This helps to generate a sense of trust between the customers and the company.

For those businesses who prefer their employees not handle customer phones, the kiosk is a nice alternative because customers can put their phone on the charger and secure it themselves behind one of the locked doors.

Both the kiosk and the smaller charging station have the capacity to charge up many different models of phones and other mobile devices. This is helpful because customers can even charge up their tablets and they do not have to worry if they lost their chargeror left it behind.

Years ago, department stores realized that providing an in-store restaurant was a great way to keep hungry shoppers shopping. It was an idea of genius and a great approach to customer service. Now the need of customers is charging their devices and the businesses that satisfy the need are utilizing a powerful business strategy. The results of this approach are already being demonstrated in growth for the many malls, restaurants, clubs, airports, transportation hubs, and retail outlets where these charging stations have been installed.

Just recently, Superstorm Sandy blasted the northeastern part of the United States and millions of people were without power; without a way to charge their mobile phones. There were many people found camping out around outlets in public areas; all lined up for their vital opportunity to charge up their phones. Just one charging station installed could have yielded some dramatic results for any retailer who made this service available. Even now on a normal, disaster-free day, people run to the mall just to charge their devices. They are excited to use the charging kiosks.

How do you think the installation of a charging station would affect your business? Would you consider installing one? Do you think it is a service customers would appreciate? Could installing the ChargeAll raise your sales and profits?