Pretending You're on the Phone

  • 1 min read

Are you guilty of "I'm cool because I look busy on my phone" syndrome? Well if you are, rest easy friend. ChargeAll is here to make sure you're always charged and always ready to check those thousands of "messages" and retrieve all those "missed calls".

We created our multi USB charging station to serve as a charging station for mobile/cell phones, tablet PCs, e-readers and even gaming devices. Think of it as your go to jack of all trades, help out all of my friends in need home decor. We'll even customize your very own charging station however you wish. That means stainless steel, wood grain, crocodile print, leather or even with your family name or some funny picture/quote that you love so much. This docking station for mobile phones is not just great for the bar, but also for your home and office.