Why You Need a Hospital Phone Charging Station

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Why You Need a Hospital Phone Charging Station

Indisputably, hospitals save lives, particularly during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, where hospitals and the front-line workers who take care of patients remain more important than ever. Their safety and comfort must be prioritized as they perform life saving work over the course of this devastating time in history.

Another indisputable fact is that hospitals utilize more technology than ever at this point, using smart devices and computers more than ever before to aid in patient care. Not only do these items need to be charged and kept usable over the course of the long hospital work days—they need to be disinfected to keep the workers using them and patients safe from the spread of pathogens. A hospital phone charging station provides a solution to both charging and disinfecting these smart devices, ensuring they are safe and ready to use for healthcare workers.

You may not have thought about it before but hospitals utilize all sorts of electronic devices in order to keep things running smooth and effectively take care of patients. All those devices need power to continue running, something that can only be achieved through utilizing phone charging stations and charging stations for electronics throughout the hospital. Beneficial for both nurses/caregivers and patients alike, phone charging stations in hospitals are a best practice for everyone that has an electronic device that needs charging.

Healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses) are utilizing electronic devices more and more in order to give patients satisfactory treatment.

ChargeTech offers a variety of premium cell phone charging stations perfect for any charging need, whether that be a table with up to twelve phone charging cords designed for several people to charge at once, or a discreet wall-mounted charger to take up as little space in the room as possible, we have a charging solution for whatever your needs might be. Cell phone charging stations in hospitals is the way of the future, and ChargeTech is helping to lead the charge. 

Benefits of a Hospital Phone Charging Station

More electronic devices than ever before need to be charged before usage in a hospital setting, including scanners, mobile computers and tablets that get used by nurses and doctors throughout the patient's stay. This takes electrical power—which can be in short supply without the right tools. A cell phone charging station does not have to be used solely for cell phones, but instead to power up whatever device is being used in the setting. In these cases, options like the 20 Bay UV-C Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet may be helpful.

A ChargeTech UV-Light Disinfection cabinet can charge, store and disinfect up to 40 laptops or tablets at the same time.

Mobile charging stations like these are utilized in order to charge and disinfect a bulk amount of devices, something that is helpful in a hospital setting where there are many devices used and shared by a large group of people. Charging all these devices in a consolidated location that also allows for device disinfection is a useful practice that makes giving a large amount of devices the power they need, easy and effective.

In addition, not only does life-saving hospital equipment need to be charged—the cell phones and smart devices of patients and family need to be charged as well. Charging stations for mobile stations povides a comprehensive solution to these requirements. According to the GrowCharge website:

"For hospital personnel, especially administrators, receptionists, and nurses, phone charging is essential. Ask someone who works in a hospital if they’ve ever been to charge a visitor or patient’s phone. The chances are the answer is a resounding, 'Yes' – and multiple times at that. This is another reason that every hospital really needs a phone charging station."


Mobile electronic devices need to be charged and disinfected before being used by a healthcare professional.

Offering phone charging stations in hospitals is essential when patients need to stay in contact with their friends and family in order to give updates and keep up communication with their loved ones while they're in the hospital. It should not be the responsibility of nurses and other front-line workers to keep patient's phones charged over the course of their stay—the hospital can instead offer a cell phone charging station in the hospital in order to allow patients to charge their devices themselves as opposed to getting their nurse to do it for them. GrowCharge continues to write in their article:


"However, when there are multiple charging stations available, nurses, for example, can be more productive and less liable when it comes to charging someone else’s phone. From a productivity perspective, the truth is that nurses get bogged down charging people’s phones. With phone charger stations present, nurses can simply direct people to a charging station to use at their own convenience."


It is imperative that medical cables are not unplugged at any time in a hospital room, for risk of an important device losing power.

In addition, power outlets are precious in a hospital setting, where important medical equipment must be kept plugged in at all times and there might not be room for a patient or family member to plug in their cell phone. This can lead to people plugging in their phones in areas they are not supposed to or using up space that should instead be used for hospital equipment. According to the Folcrom website:
"A charging cable trailing along the floor because someone’s plugged their phone into a hospital wall socket can be a very dangerous hazard for many reasons. Not to mention the fact that staff could potentially be held liable for any accident that occurs because of this, regardless of who plugged the phone in there in the first place.

There’s also the worrying possibility that a patient may unplug an important medical device in order to charge their phone, which again has many potentially dangerous consequences, some of them may even be life-threatening."

For these reasons, having a hospital charging station in a lobby or common area can lead to safer situations for nurses and patients. More than just a handy device to allow patients and staff to charge their cell phones, hospital charging stations can divert traffic to a particular area, diminish the likelihood of patients or family unplugging important cords in hospital rooms in order to charge their cell phones. A hospital phone charging station is becoming a necessity for any hospital, promoting safety and connectivity for patients, family members and nurses alike. Access to cell phone charging stations during a stay in the hospital makes sure that patients and family members can get in touch with each other during the oftentimes difficult process of having a loved one being treated.


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Does UV Light Disinfection Work to Disinfect Hospital Electronics & Appliances? 

ChargeTech not only specializes in premium cell phone charging stations that work great in a variety of different settings, we also provide UV-C Light Disinfection stations for schools, libraries, businesses and other locations that need mobile devices and laptops disinfected. But UV-C Light Disinfection can also be used in a hospital context in order to disinfect the various electronic devices that are used and shared by nurses and doctors, rendering them pathogen-free and ready for use.

UV-C Light Disinfection has been used in hospitals for years in order to ensure disinfection occurs in a place where there are many different illnesses floating around at all times. Using a UV Light Disinfection box in a hospital makes sense to lessen the spread of disease and eradicate pathogens on surfaces. According to the Becker Hospital Review:
"No one is perfect. We can train our staff to go in and do the best possible manual clean, but there are a lot of areas that may be missed, and bacteria that could be left behind," Gauthier says. "There are a lot of surfaces within a healthcare setting where an adjunct technology can help dot that last 'i' in 'disinfection' in terms of taking care of organisms that could make patients sick."

Manual disinfection is oftentimes not enough for a hospital environment, where pathogens can grow quickly.

Simple manual cleaning cannot affect pathogens as quickly and severely as UV-C Light Disinfection can, making it imperative to pair these approaches together, particularly in a setting where there are so many different diseases all at the same time. Another article from RD-UVC has this to say about the situation:


"Studies have confirmed that UVC light is an effective addition to manual cleaning efforts and can kill harmful pathogens quickly and efficiently. Exposure to UVC light for a specific length of time and intensity kills dangerous microorganisms. The American Journal of Infection Control notes that combining UVC technology with manual cleaning is one of the most effective ways to significantly decrease the pool of harmful pathogens that cause HAIs."

The usage of a UV Disinfection Box and charging station in a hospital can decrease the amount of hospital borne illnesses (or Hospital Acquired Infection) that people pick up while they are there, keeping patrons and staff safe in the process. Keeping the myriad devices used to keep records of patients and note symptoms disinfected and stored is an important aspect of keeping a hospital safe, one that UV-C Light Disinfection makes happen quickly and effectively. UV-C Light Disinfection has been proven to kill pathogens. According to the Light-Sources website:


"UV light is known to kill superbugs like MRSA, VRE, K pneumonia and C difficile and are helping hospitals to reduce the transmission of superbugs that linger in hospital rooms causing new infections. Quality UV sterilization lamps are proven to kill K pneumonia and VRE in seconds, MRSA in under 5 minutes of exposure at 10 feet away and stubborn C difficile in under 15 minutes at a 10 ft. distance."

As you can see, UV-Light Disinfection is a proven germ-killer, one that can be used in hospitals to help disinfect surfaces and keep infection rates low. A UV Light Disinfection box can be used in a hospital to decrease the amount of hospital borne illnesses. It can be paired with a hospital's fleet of mobile electronic devices/laptops in order to keep the individual devices disinfected and usable by nurses and staff.

UV-C Light Disinfection machines can render electronic devices pathogen free and ready for use.

ChargeTech has a wide variety of charging stations suitable for hospitals and UV-C disinfection products, perfect for a hospital setting which has needs for both kinds of products. For places that need cell phone charging stations in hospitals for the devices of patients, we have mobile device charging stations to fit the bill. And for locations that need UV-C Light Disinfection technology in order to disinfect and sanitize the electronics they use in service of their patients, we have a wide variety of products that can disinfect and store any electronics.


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