FREE Cell Phone Charging Stations

  • 1 min read

What happens when your phone is at 5% and about to die? Does it get put into your bag or pocket where it stays until you can get your hands on a cell phone charger? On top of that, you have to sit and wait for your phone to fully charge until it reaches 100%, which may take another couple of hours.

But what if your phone never died, ever again?

Free cell phone charging stations are the solution, and we can make it happen. ChargeAll's most advanced wireless phone charging kiosks are free for all phone types-Androids, iPhones/iPads, LG, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Kindles, and so much more! Relax, talk to friends, drink coffee, do almost anything without having to worry about something happening to your phone, because it's fully secured in a ChargeAll locker.

 Always stay in touch with your friends and family and know where to charge your phone. We're all in this together during the holiday season running last minute errands and buying presents. But from these totally free to use kiosks, charging my phone is crossed off my list and I've gained more time in my day to go to a meeting or simply wrap gifts.

Put a bow on it, and conveniently charge your cell phone, Sony Ericsson or Nokia, and keep an eye out for the ChargeAll free cell phone charging stations!