Consumer vs Professional Grade Device Charging Stations

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Many state-of-the-art household and commercial products have identical mechanisms, functionality, and design. However, consumer-grade and professional-grade equipment usually differ significantly. As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details,” so you need to examine the finer details of any new equipment you get to ensure it’s suitable for the task. Furthermore, these differences might substantially impact your productivity, return on investment, and customer satisfaction over the long run.

Here are some points to consider when choosing between getting a consumer-grade device charging station or a professional-grade one.


Device Charging Station - Prices

Compared to professional-grade device charging stations, those for consumer use are much more affordable. However, while everyone enjoys a good deal now and then, many of us have also learned the hard way what it means to make a false economy. When making a purchase, comparing prices without considering the quality is a common false economy. This means that even though you get your device charging station at a lower price, you might be compromising on quality and reliability.

Technology aimed at the public is typically not built to withstand prolonged, rigorous use and is instead optimized for the lowest possible price. Although consumer-grade device charging stations are generally intended for several charges, they tend to burn out after extensive use. They cannot withstand the knocks and bumps that professional-grade equipment can. Overall, their durability and useful lifespan will fall short compared to professional-grade device charging stations.


Safety and Security

More and more people are bringing their mobile devices wherever they go, which means there is a considerable influx of tablets and phones that need to be charged. As a result, many businesses now use mobile charging stations, which have several advantages to charging devices individually.

When you consider that 70 million smartphones go missing every year, and only 7% are recovered, it becomes evident how important it is to keep your client’s devices secure while not in use. Forgetfulness plays a significant role in the upsurge of phone theft. 44% of people whose phones are stolen accidentally left them in a public place where they were later taken by a thief. That won’t happen if you use a professional-grade device charging station designed with safety and convenience in mind.

ChargeTech has several options for dealing with this issue. Anti-theft solutions are available as options on every product page. We also suggest installing sufficient charging stations in strategic locations where visitors and customers can easily access them and sit or stand close by while their devices are being charged. This minimizes concerns about privacy and theft. Since the customer’s phone will never be out of reach, they won’t have to worry about losing it.



How much time do you suppose your employees waste every day trying to find their gadget, plugging it in to charge, or synchronizing data? The number might take you aback. For instance, having several consumer-grade charging stations instead of a single central professional-grade station can cause confusion for employees while looking for their devices at the start of the workday.

A centralized charging station for devices can be beneficial because it ensures that gadgets are always fully charged and all set to go at the start of each day and because people know exactly where to store them when the day is over. Even if it only saves a minute or two per person per day, when you add up the total time saved throughout a whole year’s worth of work, you’ll quickly see a return on your investment.


Product Features

Compared to generic consumer-grade device charging stations, professional ones offer unique product features. At ChargeTech, we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve service quality for our clients and their customers. Moreover, we collaborate with industrial designers and engineers to build charging stations into custom furniture. Our solutions and features are vastly superior to competing consumer charging stations. Our products are made to make your life easier and more efficient.

You may be interested in our Guardian-8 Charging Locker, our most popular Floor Stand Charging Station – S9, or our  Wall Mount Charging Station – WM9, depending on your requirements and your customers. A primary non-kiosk device charging station is sometimes the best choice!

In addition to our high-quality mobile charging stations suitable for various uses, ChargeTech also offers UV-C Light Disinfection stations for places like schools, libraries, firms, and other establishments that sterilize mobile devices and laptops.


Charging Efficiency

Individual consumer-grade device charging stations can eat up a lot of space. Additionally, the cables and wires might also look unsightly. When desk space is limited, you can choose from ChargeTech’s wide selection of space-saving charging stations. Our charging stations allow for the safe and efficient charging of five to forty devices from a single power source. It’s also advantageous from a health and security standpoint when assessing the level of risk present at work.

If your business doesn’t have a lot of space for a freestanding charging station for mobile devices, consider installing a wall-mounted version from ChargeTech. This charging station can be discreetly mounted on the wall, making it ideal for use in public areas without taking up valuable floor space.



Consumer-grade products often have limited use and are specific to a particular device. To keep up with the ever-evolving technological landscape, ChargeTech’s charging stations are designed to accommodate a wide variety of devices. The tips and cables on most of our charging stations are removable and replaced. Since charging tips tend to break, especially when used in public places, having replaceable ones can be helpful.

Furthermore, new mobile phones, tablets, and other devices are constantly being introduced, which naturally indicates that the charging tips will change. ChargeTech is always one step ahead of the game, updating our top-selling chargers with the newest tips for the top device brands in the market.


Custom Branding

Investing in a custom-made professional-grade phone charging station that you can use at events and in your own business is a great way to get your brand’s name out there and attract new customers. It’s uncommon for consumer-grade charging stations to have this option. Countless people will see your brand in the places that matter to them most if you provide a free phone charging station. At ChargeTech, we’ve worked with clients to realize their branding ideas by creating custom charging stations.

The following is a list of suggestions to think about when determining how you want your charging station to promote your business or event to the followers, friends, consumers, or attendees who will be using it:

    • Language: Is there a particular message you want to send to the people who will use your new device charging station? Think about promoting a new product, service, or branch via the station.


    • Color: Does your logo or brand colors appeal enough to potential customers? To make an impression, think outside the brand’s usual color palette and use colors that are themed to the event or place the device charging station will be placed.

    • Connect: When people see your branded charging station, what should they do next? If you want to attract more customers to your business, you should add social media links, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

    • Audience: Is there a specific target group you have in mind, and where do you envision them using your device charging station? Depending on who you expect or know will use your charging station, tailor your wording, color scheme, and calls to action accordingly.

Locations Where Professional-Grade Device Charging Stations Can Be Beneficial

Here are some places where a professional-grade device charging station can be useful:

    • Home: Even though everyone in your immediate social circle probably has a cell phone, they most likely have various brands and models. A professional-grade charging station for cell phones helps keep everyone powered up and in touch.

    • Office: People spend most of their waking hours at work. Employees can conveniently plug in their phones and stay in touch by using professional-grade charging stations in their workspace, break room, conference rooms, and lobby.

    • Hospital: Providing patients access to phone charging stations ensures that they can stay connected with their loved ones and provide regular updates on their condition while in the hospital.

    • Hotel: Did you know that a mobile phone charger is the most frequently forgotten item when traveling? Hotel guests would be more satisfied and have a more positive experience if they found phone chargers in all guest rooms, as well as in the lobby, at the front desk, and in the common areas.

    • Restaurant: Providing access to a device charging station in a dining establishment guarantees better customer service, provides a constant branding opportunity, and boosts customer loyalty. Both locals and tourists needing a mobile phone charger will appreciate your device charging station as they wait to be served, pick up their order, enjoy their meal, or pay the bill.

    • Coffee Shop: A coffee shop is a great spot to set up a charging station. While coffee shops have become famous for providing free Wi-Fi to customers and students, they have yet to add device charging stations as an added convenience for their tech-savvy clientele. By providing a device charger, you’re making your consumers feel more at ease, encouraging them to stay in your store for longer.

    • Casino: Having multiple conveniently-located charging stations for mobile devices is a nice amenity for casino patrons. Customers who plug their phones into these stations are more likely to linger in the area than those who don’t.

    • Transportation terminals: Airports are among the many high-traffic areas ideal for device charging stations. A passenger’s fear of running out of juice while on the road is compounded by the constant scrambling for a limited number of power outlets. Mobile device charging stations ensure that there’s room for everyone. Travelers with fully charged batteries are more likely to enjoy their experience at the airport.

    • Trade show booths: People typically need to recharge their mobile phones after networking and strolling around a convention hall for several hours. Having a charging station at your trade fair booth or sponsor lounge can entice attendees to stop by. Aside from being an excellent method of attracting attention, this can also serve as a platform for advertising your company.

    • Libraries: Besides being useful in public spaces, device charging stations are a welcome addition to libraries. Visitors aren’t using their phones or tablets when browsing the shelves or borrowing books, so these solutions are perfect for them. College students who spend extended periods at the library researching and writing papers often benefit from charging stations. Having these stations installed can also help groups by reducing potential sources of distraction.

The Bottom Line - Business Charging Solutions

When choosing between consumer-grade or professional-grade products such as device charging stations, it’s best to carefully look into the details. Besides the price, you also need to think about the expected results and the product’s quality. We hope that this article can help guide you in your decision.

Learn more about charging stations and how one can benefit your business by getting in touch with us today.