Company Update With CEO Kevin Mitchell - Vlog #1

  • 3 min read

Hi, ChargeTech community, my name is Kevin Mitchell, I'm the current CEO of ChargeTech. I wanted to just announce two major things and give you two major updates coming from us to you, today. The first one is an announcement of kind of a re-founding of ChargeTech. ChargeTech was created in 2012, over the following five years, the team essentially went out and they launched a number of products. A lot of them were crowdfunded on Indiegogo. There was a PC stick. There was an a 12,000mAh, an 18,000mAh and then a 27,000mAh and then 54,000mAh AC battery pack. There have been a couple different versions of phone battery cases. So a lot of those products were initially launched on Indiegogo.

We came in earlier this year and we assessed the entire customer experience. The entire team looked at how ChargeTech was represented in the marketplace and what it was doing, what it did well and what it didn't do so well. So we have actually transitioned a lot of the team at ChargeTech and we've actually shifted a lot of the focus, and a lot of the strategy as well. So with that that entire kind of transition, or change, we had kind of a re-founding of the company. And that re-founding of the company, not only does it bring new people but it really is meant to embrace a set of core values, that are new to the company that it hasn't really had in the past.

Those are focused on innovation and the customer experience. The Customer experience we want to be second to none. We want the ChargeTech brand to be consistent with reliability with trust with products that are both functional as well as affordable. We want to meet the needs of our customers, you know, every time all the time. Having said that we we hope that we can kind of, if we've lost your trust, or if we have your trust we want to continue to kind of embrace that and win and nurture, we want to continue to kind of grow our customer base and our loyal fans and we appreciate each and every one of you over the coming years. So over the next few months we're very excited. We've spent a lot of resources developing new products. And so rather than crowdfunding them on Indiegogo like we had in the past, where we get backers to help us manufacture products that aren't in the marketplace and then we manufacture them and then we fulfill them, we're going to do it the other way, we're actually going to spend the resources on research and development and develop the products stock their products and then launch the products were for sale. So we have started that process. We have a new product that we're going to be announcing next week and we already have a thousand units in stock, and we have 3000 more units on the way.

For the first 4000 customers we think you're going to be really excited because this is a product that hasn't been in the marketplace yet, and it will be in time for the holidays. So that's also an additional bonus, in addition to that, for a lot of our business customers, we're in the process of designing and developing and manufacturing some very innovative and very cool updates to our product catalog. And we think that you'll be very very pleased with not only the design and the aesthetic of these products, but as well as the price and the affordability. We want to do a better job at communicating with you going forward, and so I have committed to regular updates, so we can have that relationship and that communication open with our customers both prospective and current, and then if you ever have any issues whatsoever, give us a call or send us an email and we'll do our best to try to get back to you in a timely manner.

So with that we look forward to letting you know with this new product is that we'll be launching next week, and so we encourage you to stay tuned. Thanks and have a great day.