Charge your Phone in your Favorite Mall

  • 1 min read

          Aventura Mall is a community located in Florida. It is the second indoor mall most visited of all the United States. The customers visit it for many reasons, but mostly because of all its conveniences. One of the latest amenities is charging stations for mobile phones.

          Now you can charge your phone while you are shopping. Enjoy the benefits of being able to charge your phone while you take a walk through the mall or as you are shopping the department stores.

         The operation of the charging stations is easy and simple. In addition these kiosks allow you to charge your mobile phone at lightening speed. They feature a technology that allows your phone to gain a full charge in as little as 15 minutes.  


          There are two types of charging stations: the first one allows us to charge the phone connected to an extension / tip. In this case the phone is outdoors , it is appropriate for those times when the owner of the device can be present. However, if you have errands to do or are visiting a mall, leaving your phone to charge unattended is not an option. This is when lock safe charging stations become valuable. These charging stations allow you to lock your phone into a personal locker, preventing theft and allowing the user to continue with total tranquility. The cost for using the charging stations is inexpensive.


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