Cell Phone Charging Lockers for Breakrooms - Keys to Happy and Engaged Employees

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Employers are always looking for ways to improve employee engagement and retention. You want to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable work environment for your employees. 

In today’s ever-changing digital world, there is one major issue that you need to address – ensuring employees will have their own cell phone charging lockers that are easily accessible.

Cell phone charging lockers for break rooms seem like the constantly overlooked “nice to have'' amenity. But if you provide them, you’re giving your employees a lot more than just a place to store their belongings and devices. Happy and engaged employees are efficient employees, which makes charging lockers a unique office perk that benefits both businesses and their employees at the same time.

In this article, you’ll learn about:


    • The consequences of allowing personal devices at work.

    • The benefits of installing charging lockers in a workplace

    • Key elements to make your employees happy and improve retention.

Why Companies Tend to Forbid Mobile Devices

Employees are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones and tablets for work and leisure, which over time can have a tangible effect on business processes and strategies. 

The issues surrounding maintaining the company’s reputation, securing data, and ensuring productivity are becoming increasingly apparent with device use in the workplace. Hence the debate continues if companies should forbid or limit device use at work.


Privacy Issues

While it is not common for employers to allow their employees’ devices for their work, data risks can still be an issue. BYOD (bring your own devices) policy in some business sectors is growing, and as they do, so do security threats. For example, if you allow your staff to use their own devices for work, there is a possibility that their devices may be lost or stolen. This puts your business’s data at risk. Someone who might get that phone or tablet may access the company's sensitive data. 


Work Distraction

These days, many employees find themselves distracted by their phones. Whether it is a never-ending stream of phone calls or all the latest social media updates, workers of any age can be distracted by what’s going on on their devices. This high distractibility may take away from their ability to do high-quality work. 

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The Solution – Charging Lockers

Charging lockers solve all the problems associated with device use at work. As previously mentioned, security issues are a major problem in the workplace. Workers may be storing sensitive company data on their devices, creating a dangerous situation if they are lost or stolen. With a charging locker, your workers won’t have to wonder where their devices are since they’ll be in the same place every day. Along with that, the security these lockers offer serves as an added layer of protection for your company’s sensitive data.

As for workplace distractions, while workers can bring their devices to work, there is an expectation that they will put their devices away in the charging locker. They will be out of sight and out of mind but ready to use when needed. Companies that previously implemented strict no-device policies will be able to transition to using charging lockers instead without negatively impacting workplace productivity. 


Why Provide Your Employees Charging Lockers?

Many businesses are seeing the benefits of providing their employees with phone charging lockers. Not only is it a secure place for them to keep their phones, but it is also an easy way for them to charge their phones, so they’re ready whenever they need them. 

Charging lockers are rapidly becoming a standard in breakrooms and employee lounges, but why? Some benefits include improved employee morale and productivity, reduced employee stress and sickness, the ability to engage with the workforce, encouraging eco-friendly habits, and instilling a heightened sense of loyalty.

You'll be surprised that charging lockers can make all the difference in your company. They create a positive relationship between the employee and the company by adding small perks and putting employees into better moods. Here are some major benefits a charging locker may offer:


Increased Productivity

As mentioned above, one reason for the low productivity of staff is due to distractions. There are a lot of people who argue that having smartphones at work actually helps them be more productive. However, most get distracted and lose their focus when they have their smartphone on their desk or when it rings, affecting their productivity. Having a secure locker where they can leave their phones encourages workers to concentrate on their tasks or engage with co-workers during downtime.

By leaving the phone in their designated lockers, employees won't get distracted by social media, emails, or text messages. It will also make meetings run more efficiently without anyone having to go outside for a personal call or text message. Also, it avoids them making errors in their work, especially if it involves a high-precision task like data entry. 


Safety Purposes

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace has been posing a safety hazard. This is because more workers who use these devices in their work environment tend to get injured during work as they are constantly busy checking emails, interacting with social media pages. This can decrease their concentration as they carry out tasks, which is especially dangerous for those working with industrial machinery or equipment. Distracted workers are more likely to have accidents that cause serious injuries and even death.

For instance, operators of machines in an electronic company should leave their phones in lockers to avoid mistakes and focus on the machines. Likewise, operators of construction equipment should be, at all times, be aware of their surroundings. For safety reasons, cell phones must be kept out of all machinery or other potentially dangerous areas.


Improve Employee Retention

Employees want to feel motivated and appreciated. Offering small perks such as phone charging lockers will make employees feel more appreciated and will improve employee retention. If you have employees who always have dead cell phones, maybe providing charging lockers could be the game-changer that will help them not quit. They will be more productive and happy knowing that their phones are charged, which will build a better relationship between employees and employers.

Charging lockers are being considered as a way to keep employees on the job. Without them, they may leave the workplace because of not being able to charge their phones. They can make all the difference in employees’ attitudes, lending to a more positive workplace culture where employees feel valued and appreciated. By keeping happy employees, you’re improving their experience and doing your part to keep them coming back to work day after day.

Furthermore, while their phones are charging in their lockers, they will have time to engage or socialize with their co-workers. This way, you’re giving a chance for them to tell stories and have a laugh together, increasing engagement and positive experiences in the workplace.

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5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy in Their Job

Employee satisfaction is a key factor contributing to the success of an organization. The modern workforce is more aware and selective of companies and jobs offering perks. This has led to increasing demand for employers adopting employee perks programs to attract and retain talent. Such programs not only help employees stay happy but yield excellent results for companies in the long run.

Here are some workplace perks that can help you keep your employees happy and motivated to come to work every day:


Promote a Balanced Life

There is nothing better for an employee than a company supporting a balanced work and family life. Giving your employees some time to handle their family responsibilities will keep them feeling valued and as part of the company. For example, giving enough maternity breaks to an employee who just welcomed her baby. This is an essential perk that allows parents to rest and adjust to their lives around the birth of their child.

Organize Monthly Activities

If you’re not already brainstorming ideas for a monthly activity, take a few moments to do that. Then, evaluate if it’s something that will help to keep your employees happy and engaged with the company. Employees may become more loyal to your business if they feel they are part of a team. Monthly activities will help you create a sense of community within your company. The benefits could include lower absenteeism, better retention rates, and more pleasant workplace relationships.


Provide Charging Lockers in the Workplace

If you talk to people who are in charge of companies providing employee breakroom furnishings, you will find most of them consider providing employees with phone charging lockers. It is critical to keeping employees happy. 

Break room storage solutions such as charging lockers from ChargeTech provide convenience and keep employee morale high. Below are some examples of charging lockers you can install in your company’s breakroom.

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8 Bay Touchscreen Charging Locker

Whether it is keeping their phone charged throughout the day or securing their valuables while working, this locker keeps belongings securely in place. With its touch screen locking system, it eliminates the possibility of losing keys. The voice assistant guides the users through the storage and retrieval process, making it easy to use. The 8 Bay Touchscreen Charging Locker is engineered to provide up to 20W of power for up to 8 phones at one time.

8 Bay UV Light Disinfection – Charge Locker

This is an innovative charging locker designed to charge phones using a unique patent-pending technology. It can store all valuables, which include wallets, keys, and cameras. Its new design now comes standard with a UV-C disinfection module to disinfect each bay and its contents during and after use to prepare it for the next use. 8 Bay UV Light Disinfection - Charge Locker also has a 20W quick charging speed for up to 8 phones and can charge all day’s latest phones.

Support Wellness Programs for Employees

A program that supports your employee’s physical, mental, and financial well-being will yield the greatest results and show a real ROI over the long term. A proven method for increasing employee engagement and reducing turnover rates, wellness programs help maintain the long-term health of your employees. As employers who want to maintain a strong workforce, establishing a wellness strategy is a good idea to improve employee retention.


Invest in a Nice Break Room

A great company is made up of great employees. And a great company needs to make sure that its employees are happy. While it may be tempting to get by with the bare minimum, it is simply counterproductive. Investing in a “nice” break room will save you money over the long term. A comfortable breakroom means that your employees are happier, healthier, and that they will stay with your company longer.

The biggest perk for any worker is a clean and tidy breakroom or workplace, one that includes a comfortable place to have lunch, socialize with colleagues, or keep any valuables, as well as easy access to coffee supplies. This can ensure employees are taken care of and feel treasured.


Portable Power for Happy Employees

Providing a safe, secure, and comfortable charging locker for your employees can help keep a sense of ownership and pride, along with giving them a safe space to take a break or recharge. This small gesture can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your employees both satisfied and happy. When you consider how both happy and engaged your employees will be at work, the future value of this investment is considered worthy for any business.

By enhancing employee retention and employee engagement, you’ll find that it is well worth the investment in both time and money. If you consider installing charging lockers in your office or business, ChargeTech can help. We provide industry-leading antimicrobial, UV-C, and antiviral device solutions for organizations of all sizes.