Bicycle Phone Charger Works on Mountain Bike Trail

Ever heard of the BIke2Power phone charger? This is another cool option on working to recycle the kinetic energy from your bicycle - A cool alternative to ChargeAll. How is it used? The Bike3Power harnesses the energy of your ride to power the mobile/mp3 devices while cycling. The bicycle charger allows the charging of smartphones, mp3 players, GPS units, and other electronic devices from a standard bicycle-mounted bottle dynamo. Make your ride safer, more pleasurable, and convenient. Simply attach the bike charger to your bicycle, connect to a dynamo, and plug in your smartphone, mp3 player, or another mobile device able to charge via USB.


You would expect that with technology like this, life would be sustainable right now. Does the charger work on bumpy, rutty, steep mountain bike paths, you ask? It works like some kind of James Bond gadget. It's smooth, sly, and probably the way you would enter a woman's here. "Hey baby, look how sustainable I am with technology."


Here's the 101 on Bike2Power:?

1. It takes a little more energy to pedal the bike with the SpinPower unit engaged, but I must emphasize the “a little.” And after all, you’re out there to get exercise, aren’t you? So what’s a little extra exertion?

2. If your phone is idle, you will actually see the charge indicator inching up throughout your ride. However, if you use a GPS-enabled mapping app while on the trail, you will see the available charge remain about the same or even possibly go down just a little bit over time. But without the SpinPower, you’ll see your phone juice depleting rapidly. GPS units are power hogs. My guess is that if you were on the trail, with your GPS going, you’d probably still have power left at the end of your ride. Whereas without the SpinPower unit, you’re likely to run out of power.

See the power of a charged phone?