Antimicrobial Phone Chargers and More. Do Antimicrobial Products Work?

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Antimicrobial Products

As we move forward into 2021, ChargeTech is focused on providing more antiviral and antimicrobial products that help keep our schools, technology, and our workplaces safe and clean. 

Our new line of CleanCharge™ by ChargeTech antimicrobial products are specifically designed for this purpose. In September, we released the world’s first antimicrobial phone charger, the AM 27K 4.0. This unit comes wrapped in an antimicrobial film that can help protect your battery pack from harmful bacteria and viruses.

This week, we just released our latest antimicrobial product, the CleanChage Laptop Sleeve with ViralOff® Technology. This antimicrobial product is specifically designed for our clients in education and beyond to help keep laptops and Chromebooks free from harmful viral matter.

With this focus on antimicrobial products, we thought it was important to address some important questions, such as, what are antimicrobial products? Are antimicrobial products safe? And does antimicrobial technology kill viruses?

What are Antimicrobial Products?

Antimicrobial products are typically infused with a germicidal active ingredient that is harmful to microbes such as bacteria and viruses.

CleanCharge antimicrobial products, such as the AM 27K 4.0 antimicrobial phone charger, are surfaced in an antimicrobial film that contains a silver-based additive that is non-volatile, heat resistant, and long-lasting. This film will provide up to 5 years of continual antimicrobial protection for your devices.

In the presence of moisture, the antimicrobial film gradually releases positively charged silver ions. These positive ions strongly bind to the negatively charged cellular enzymes of the microbes on hand, inhibiting enzyme activity in cell walls, membranes, and nucleic acids of the microbe. This makes it impossible for the microbe to reproduce, effectively killing it on the spot.

The antimicrobial film on our 27K portable power pack provides passive protection, meaning it is always working to inactivate viruses and bacteria. Since dead microbial matter will pile up on your devices, we encourage you to wipe down your portable battery pack with a microfiber cloth once a week or so, depending on your use.


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Other antimicrobial products, such as our CleanCharge Laptop Sleeve with ViralOff® technology, acts in a similar way. This product is infused with ViralOff®, an antiviral material commonly used by textile manufacturers around the world.

The silver-based active ingredient in ViralOff, silver-chloride, has been tested with a standard ISO18184:2019 test, the results of which are available for review on their website. This test uses viruses of the Influenza A strain, H1N1, and SARS-CoV-2 and shows a potential 99% level of reduction within two hours. 

Our laptop sleeves come with a keyboard and screen linear that lies flat inside of your device while it is closed so that the inside and outside are simultaneously cleaned while your computer is in its case.

Similar to our antimicrobial phone chargers, we designed the CleanCharge Laptop Sleeve for our clients in education and corporate settings where large numbers of electronic devices are being used and shared and safety is at a premium. 

For example, nowadays, many K-12 schools provide laptops or Chromebooks to their students to complete classwork and assignments. These laptops are transported back and forth from school to home each day, possibly harboring harmful bacteria or viruses. We designed the CleanCharge Laptop Sleeves in a simple and accessible way, so students can easily slip their computers into their sleeves before coming or going to school in order to help keep their electronic devices clean and safe.

The simple envelope-style design makes these laptop sleeves perfect for children and adults alike as they are simple, lightweight, and easy to use. Click the button below to learn more about this groundbreaking product.

Are Antimicrobial Products Safe?

Some people may wonder whether or not antimicrobial products are safe for human contact. While antimicrobial products are designed to kill microbes and bacteria, the active ingredients used in ChargeTech’s antimicrobial products have been found to be non-irritant, non-allergenic, and safe for human skin and our skin’s microbiome. 

The same antimicrobial film used on our antimicrobial phone chargers is used by companies and organizations around the world to help keep our environments safe. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to find antimicrobial film applied to public doorknobs, touch screens, and countertops to help curb the spread of germs and bacteria. Whether we realize it or not, antimicrobial film is now a common part of our lives.

The same is true for antiviral products made from textile material, such as our CleanCharge Laptop Sleeves. ViralOff technology was developed by Polygiene in Sweeden to help curb the spread of the SARS pandemic. This textile treatment is now used by clothing and apparel manufactures around the world to help keep their products clean and reduce the need to wash garments. You can find ViralOff's active ingredient is underwear, bedsheets, face masks, t-shirts, jackets, and more. All of these products are used safely every day by millions of consumers around the world. 

Does Antimicrobial Kill Viruses?

Antimicrobial products have been proven to kill viruses, including Influenza-type viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. The ViralOff material used in ChargeTech’s Antiviral Laptop Sleeve has been proven to eliminate 99% of viral matter within 2 hours of contact.

Based on ViralOff’s testing, the active ingredient found in our laptop sleeves is effective against all types of viruses. Their internal testing has been supplemented with a standard ISO18184:2019 test, demonstrating proven effectiveness against influenza-type viruses including H1N1 and SARS-CoV-2 when ViralOff is infused in textile materials.

Similarly, the active ingredient found in our antimicrobial phone charger, the AM 27K Portable Power Pack, has been successfully tested against coronaviruses in the past, showing a 99.87% reduction after 60 minutes of contact.

This antimicrobial phone charger also proved effective against common harmful bacterial strains such as E Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and MRSA. This comprehensive protection against viruses and bacteria means that your portable battery pack keeps itself clean, possibly breaking the chain of infection of harmful microbes.

Antiviral Laptop Sleeve

The CleanCharge Laptop Sleeve is the first of its kind to be manufactured with ViralOff Technology.


CleanCharge by ChargeTech: The Future of Antimicrobial Products

In September, ChargeTech announced our new line of UV-C and antimicrobial products, CleanCharge by ChargeTech. CleanChage branded products are designed with the intent and focus of keeping technology devices clean and safe. In the coming years, ChargeTech will continue to release CleanCharge branded products as we pursue our mission of providing antiviral and antimicrobial products that help keep our schools and workplaces safer. 

Antimicrobial Phone Charger: AM 27K 4.0

The first product to be released under our CleanCharge by ChargeTech label was our latest portable power unit, the AM 27K 4.0. This product is wrapped in an antimicrobial film to protect it from harmful microbes and bacteria.

Thanks to the AC wall outlet on the AM 27K 4.0, this product is more than just an antimicrobial phone charger. It can power laptops, lights, speakers, or just about anything with a standard US AC wall plug.

People who work remotely opt for our 27K portable power outlet so they can power their laptops or tablets for hours without the need for a wall outlet. It is extremely compact, about the size of a normal book, so you can pack it in your bag, purse, or carry it in your hand without trouble. 

The AM 27K 4.0. is the next generation of our best selling 27K portable power pack. ChargeTech customers have relied on this all-time favorite product for years to power everything from cameras, to tablets, to drones, to laptops. Thanks to its compact body and high battery capacity, the AM 27K 4.0 portable battery pack remains a favorite to ChargeTech customers and employees alike.

Click the button below to watch Bruce Pechman revue our Antimicrobial Phone Charger on Good Morning San Diego as part of his segment on helpful technology for combating COVID-19. 


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ViralOff Keyboard Liner

The CleanCharge Antiviral Laptop Sleeves come with a ViralOff infused keyboard liner to protect the inside of your device while it is in its case


Antiviral Laptop Sleeve

Our latest antimicrobial product to be added to the CleanCharge collection is our brand new CleanCharge Laptop Sleeve with ViralOff. 

Our laptop sleeves are infused with ViralOff’s biocidal active ingredient - silver chloride - that is used by textile and clothing companies around the world to stop harmful viruses from multiplying on surfaces. 

We designed this product in consultation with some of our clients in K-12 education who expressed a collective need for a simple yet effective method for keeping laptops and Chromebooks clean.

In response, we teamed up with DistanZ, a performance face mask manufacturer in Oakland California that pioneered the use of Polygiene's ViralOff technology in their best-selling masks. 

“Our collaboration with ChargeTech on the Laptop Sleeve with ViralOff represents how companies can partner to respond to market changes and client needs,” said Mark Killian, DistanZ CEO. “ChargeTech’s comprehensive understanding of technology solutions coupled with our team’s knowledge of antiviral fabrics and material created an opportunity to develop a product that provides a protective environment for laptops that is free from germs and microbes.”

This product is available to our customers on our website today, yet we also work closely with our enterprise clients to satisfy large bulk orders. We are capable of providing custom branding and even custom design work to meet the needs of our enterprise clients. To get in touch with a ChargeTech representative about enterprise solutions, please submit a free quote form here


Laptop Sleeve

The CleanCharge Laptop Sleeve comes in two sizes to fit most major laptops.


How do antiviral laptop sleeves work?

The positively-charged ions in ViralOff's active ingredient attract the negatively-charged nucleic acids of viruses and bacteria, binding together, and inhibiting their ability to replicate. The antiviral properties of our laptop sleeves are designed to kill viral matter on your computer while your computer is in its sleeve, providing active germicidal protection.

Your CleanCharge antiviral laptop sleeve comes with a ViralOff keyboard liner that lies flat on top of your keyboard while your device is closed to clean the inside and outside of your device simultaneously.

CleanCharge ViralOff laptop sleeves are specifically designed to snuggly fit your laptop to maximize the efficacy of ViralOff technology. We encourage you to consult the size guide we have created on the product page for the CleanCharge laptop sleeve to find the correct size for your corresponding laptop’s make and model.

Our sleeves are designed to stretch slightly, around 1 inch in each direction, to maximize contact between your laptop and the ViralOff infused laptop sleeve.

Before putting your laptop in its case, place the keyboard liner on top of the keys, and close the computer on top of the liner. To insert your laptop into its case, simply fold back the upper flat and slide the laptop into the main pocket. Once it has reached the bottom, secure the case by folding the top flap over the top of the laptop, creating a tight seal that won't come undone. 

You can watch a demonstration of our laptop sleeves in action by clicking the button below. If you have any more questions, please reach out to a ChargeTech team member here.


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Does ViralOff Kill COVID-19?

ViralOff's biocidal active ingredient has been tested with a standard ISO18184:2019 test, showing its effectiveness in textile materials to eradicate viruses. In this test, textiles treated with ViralOff successfully killed 99% of viruses including Influenza, H1N1, and SARS-CoV-2 within 2hrs of contact.

The antimicrobial nature of CleanCharge products does not provide direct health benefits to the user, but instead, helps protect your products from harboring harmful bacterial and viral matter by impeding their growth and reproduction.

Our antiviral laptop sleeves are designed for anyone who uses and transports laptop computers on a regular basis including students, teachers, parents, and employees of all kinds. We work closely with schools and businesses to provide bulk orders of laptop sleeves to protect a large number of devices. 

If you are interested in our antiviral laptop sleeves, please check out the webpage here for more information. And if you are interested in pursuing a bulk order or custom branding, please reach out to our sales team here. We look forward to being in touch with you.