8 in 1 Portable Power Source - Importance of Portable Power Solutions in Case of Power Outage

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Power outages happen from time to time. Now the question is: what steps do you take when such an event occurs? Are you prepared with a backup power source? If you're experiencing power outages, a portable power solution could be the right choice.

Owning portable power storage offers you peace of mind without requiring you to spend a fortune. Portable power solutions are a cost-effective way to ensure security and comfort, regardless of whether it's an emergency, a neighborhood power outage, or a weeklong camping trip.

Additionally, small businesses are unable to run smoothly when there is a power outage, and losing critical business files can cost customers thousands of dollars. Recent research from IDC found that small businesses can spend as much as $256,000 on unplanned downtime during these types of disruptions.

Fortunately, there are ways to prepare in case such a situation happens:

    • Take advantage of cloud backup and recovery solutions. You can protect all of your important documents with a cloud backup and recovery solution like Carbonite in case there is a power outage. Here is how. You can get your files back at any time, even if your computer fails, by storing a secure, up-to-date copy in the cloud.

    • Make sure your computer has a backup battery. Power outages can happen at any time and last for days. Keeping your computer running even when there is no power will allow you to continue to conduct business. Some cost-effective options can be found on Chargetech.

    •  Invest in a MiFi. MiFi devices may be used, or mobile hotspots may be set up during times of Internet outages at home or in the office, to keep you connected to the Internet via your cellular network. By using this service, you will conserve energy by not having to brave the weather to access the Internet at the nearest coffee shop - assuming they have power in the first place.

    • Install surge protectors. Storms, or sudden changes in electrical voltage, can cause harm to your computer if it is plugged in during the storm. You may not be able to retrieve the work that you were doing just minutes before after these short flashes corrupt the data on your hard drive. When combined with a cloud backup, surge protectors can provide total protection for your hardware and your data.

    • Develop a business continuity plan that accounts for power outages. Other natural disasters that result in unpredicted power outages are tornadoes and earthquakes. Have you ever considered what you'll do in case your business is ruined by a natural disaster? Plan how you will handle power outages step by step, including which practices and technologies you will implement. More importantly, make sure to test your plan before you start to ensure that everything will function properly.

Benefits of Portable Energy Storage for Business Facilities


Hacker Proof

You might be able to protect yourself from hackers with portable power solutions. You must remain vigilant as hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to steal what you have worked so hard to build. That is not something we want, is it? A way has been found to intercept you when you use public charging stations, including at airports. It is a positive aspect that your power solution is made by a trustworthy, tested and regulated manufacturer, and that it is yours.


Convenience and Flexibility

A portable energy storage system provides undeniable convenience in that you can move it around as you need it. It would not be a problem to access the portable energy storage if there were any power outages in your business facility, unlike big, heavy generators. Small, lightweight, and portable, they would not interfere with your business operations. These portable chargers are easy to carry around and are always at your disposal to power your devices even when you are on the go.


Low Maintenance

When was the last time you talked to your generator guy? I don't think it's often enough. That would no longer be necessary thanks to portable solar power solutions. The parts do not need to be constantly replaced and you do not have to deal with constant maintenance. Rust and corrosion are automatically eliminated with the portable power solution since no liquid passes through it.


No Noise Pollution

In case you have a loud generator and close neighbors, I am certain they have threatened to strangle you at times. Now you don't have to worry about their strangulation thoughts anymore. When a high load is applied to portable power units, they are silent and only make a few small sounds. Someone across the room from you or even in the same room, depending on how big the room is, wouldn't hear the sound you heard.


Business Continuity and No Data Loss

Businesses in the United States lose collectively about $50 billion annually due to power outages. Portable power solutions can help reduce that loss. It is easy to monitor when the battery is running low and to charge it immediately. If applicable, you may also be able to charge and use it at the same time. Your devices can be used for many hours, which will change the reality of your business and the realm in which you are operating.


Better Quality of Power

Have you ever experienced a surge, spike, or fluctuating current that caused your device to malfunction? This is something that some people experience repeatedly. It is impossible to trust the quality of the electricity entering your devices always. Your devices are guaranteed to be protected from damage by the portable power solution's refined and controlled electricity quality.


Chargetech Portable Power Solutions

Now, we’ll be going over Chargetech’s portable power solutions and what they can offer your business when it comes to devices and other appliances needed for you to operate.


1. 125K mAh Power Station with Bluetooth Speaker
power station with bluetooth speaker

Presenting ChargeTech's newest 2019 product: the Portable Power Station. With its massive 124,800 mAh battery capacity and multiple functions, this monster has great power. The Portable Power Station, equipped with all of the essential charging ports (USB, USB-C, AC Outlet), is capable of supplying power to your devices when you need it the most.

Both outdoor enthusiasts and casual users will benefit from the station's large capacity and portability, which makes it useful in both emergency and everyday situations. A total of 600W can be output from each outlet at maximum wattage (one outlet cannot output 600W). The multi-function LED light panel and Bluetooth speaker can be used for powering a remote office or for lighting the way and entertaining campers. Make your next outdoor party one to remember with this excellent piece of technology!

Pure Sine Wave Power

In contrast to your home outlets which use AC current to charge your appliances, the Portable Power Station provides a cleaner, more efficient pure sine wave output.

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth-enabled portable power station can be easily paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device for a complete all-in-one product providing a huge charge, lighting options, and audio entertainment all from one device.

LED Light & SOS Mode

The portable power station is equipped with a LED light, several lighting modes, and an SOS emergency mode for use in an emergency.


2. Premium 20K PD Battery Pack

portable power outlet

Our 20K Portable Power Outlet has been redesigned with TWO 65W and TWO 45W Type-C PD fast charging ports as well as an updated 5V/3.4A USB port to charge cell phones, tablets, and laptops faster than ever before. We have also built in a 65W fast-charging port so that the Portable Power Outlet itself can be recharged at high speed to allow it to be used in the shortest time possible. Power outages and rolling blackouts can be avoided thanks to pass-through charging. Your 20K can charge your gadgets at the same time it is recharging itself while connected to a wall.

Whether you're on vacation or away from home, the ChargeTech 20K battery pack is a convenient and convenient companion for your mobile device.

In addition, all of our new portable power products come with an antimicrobial coating for maximum protection against pathogens on the surface.


3. Premium 27K AC Battery Pack
27k ac battery pack

With a 65W Type-C PD fast charging port and an updated 5V/3.4A USB port, our 27K Portable Power Outlet lets you charge your phones, tablets, and laptops quickly and conveniently. A 65W fast-charging port on the Portable Power Outlet itself allows the device to be recharged at high speeds so it can be used again as quickly as possible. Power outages and rolling blackouts won't be a problem with this 27K's pass-through charging, where your devices can be powered or charged while the 27K is plugged into the wall and recharging.

The 27K Portable Power Outlet now features an LCD screen that indicates how much battery power is left, so you always know how much battery power you still have. Traveling, camping, road trips, remote work, and wherever you might need access to an AC outlet makes the 27K a great companion. When you need your mobile devices the most, the 27,000 mAh battery keeps them powered up. 

All of our new portable power solutions feature an antimicrobial coating to prevent harmful pathogens from reproducing on their surface.


4. Premium 54K Dual AC Battery Pack

54k dual ac battery pack

With a new 65W Type-C PD fast charging port and updated 5V/3.4A USB ports, we've redesigned our best-selling 54K Portable Power Outlet for greater speed and efficiency charging your cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Fast-charging capability, along with the new fast-charging port, ensures a prompt return to use of the Portable Power Outlet itself upon recharge. Using pass-through charging, your devices can be powered and recharged while your 54K is plugged into the wall and recharging itself. It's the perfect solution to rolling blackouts and power outages. 

The first truly portable Dual AC power bank, the Portable Power Outlet 54K will make it possible for you to charge any device you like at any time and anywhere. In addition to charging any mobile device with a standard AC wall plug, the unit can also charge any device with a USB-A or USB-C port. 

Almost all of our portable power products are made with an antimicrobial coating that prevents harmful pathogens from multiplying on the surface of your power pack.


5. Antimicrobial Portable Power Supply – 54K AM Dual AC Battery Pack

portable power supply

Power anywhere with the Portable Power Supply (54K). It's the first truly portable AC power bank. You can find everything from laptops to lights, to phones, to tablets, to televisions, radios, and speakers. The effort has been made to protect the device from pathogens by coating it with an antimicrobial coating. Through a standard wall plug, it can accommodate any device with less than 250 watts of power (provides two AC wall outlets). It is compatible with all USB devices.

It comes standard with an antimicrobial coating, which offers continuously passive protection against microbes, bacteria, and viruses from growing on your device.


6. 10K USB-C Wireless Battery Pack

wireless charging batter pack

Cables are no longer needed. You can charge your Qi-enabled phone (iPhone or Android) anywhere even without a wall outlet by placing your phone on the 10k Wireless Pocket Power Pack. The 10,000mAh battery lasts for about 2 to 3 recharges, enough to get you through any situation. Furthermore, you can see the remaining power on the built-in display. Also, the high-output 18W USB-A or Type-C PD ports allow you to charge your wired devices.


Portable Power Solutions

Unfortunate instances may happen in your business but there’s no need to fret. You can avoid the disruption of your business operations with simple portable power solutions.

Better to be ready than sorry with our portable power solutions.