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40 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0


An image of a 40 bay chargetech uv light disinfection and charge cabinet with its doors closed and angled to the left
40 Bay UV Light Disinfection & Charging Cabinet 2.0


The 40 Bay UV Clean & Charge Cart 2.0 conveniently charges and cleans up to 40 devices at once. This unit is ideal for charging larger devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, and MacBooks. The simple One-Touch control system makes it easy to control the charging and UV-C disinfection cycles with the touch of a button.

This second generation of our best-selling UV Clean and Charge Carts comes with several updates to improve the efficacy of UV-C disinfection. Newly updated in 2021, the interior of these carts is now made from reflective stainless steel and comes with white dividers that increase the exposure of UV-C light on your devices.

The unit’s smart internal cooling system prevents overheating and promotes a more efficient charge. This new and improved unit is the perfect charging solution for healthcare, education, and hospitality clients.

SKU: CT-300103SS
Model: UVAC40

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