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Many hospital visits can be long, unanticipated, and stressful.  It is the last place where someone wants to be without their phone.  Or worse yet, be with a phone with a draining batter. That is why more hospitals are placing special amenities like phone charging stations in their waiting areas, guest rooms, employee break rooms, cafeterias, and even operating rooms.

Charging stations present many benefits in the healthcare environment. Patients and visitors have comfort knowing they can keep their phones alive to stay in touch with loved ones.  Staff and medical care professionals, meanwhile, can ensure their mobile devices stay charged up to communicate with one another, to access clinical guidance materials on demand, and to facilitate patient care.

Top 5 Reasons Charging Stations Improve Patient Satisfaction
  •  Meets the needs of waiting room guests.

  •  Increase patient satisfaction survey scores.

  •  Boost positive customer online reviews.

  •  Facilitate medical staff work and connectivity.

  •  Support mobile electronic health record (EHR) keeping.

Improve Patient and Guest Satisfaction

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Healthcare Charging Solutions


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ChargeTech has worked with top healthcare organizations around the world. We understand how important it is for hospitals to provide the best care and customer service to their patients.  That is why we offer a variety of charging solutions to fit all healthcare settings, from charging lockers to bedside charging stations.  We don’t just offer charging stations neither.  You can browse our options in Portable Power to wirelessly charge anything, from electric-powered oxygen tanks to portable surgical equipment.

“We wanted to improve the patient waiting room experience; they wanted to charge their phone. We decided to go with ChargeTech because their products were widely used by other hospitals.”
“Did you know that 88% of all newborns get their first photo taken by a cell phone? Our guests are desperate to keep their phones charged at all times when their newborns arrive.”
“Our doctors and nurses benefit from using mobile devices on the job and they appreciate having a charging source to plug into on premises. It allows them to do their job without interruption.”


Why ChargeTech?

More hospitals choose ChargeTech.  We’re the brand that more healthcare providers choose, including Hospital Corporation of America, Department of Veteran Affairs, Kaiser Permanente, Tenet Health and many many more!

Best selection of charging stations. We offer the best selection of charging lockers, charging stations, charging tables, desktop charging stations, and portable charging solutions out there!  If we don’t have what you need, we’ll make it.

Value for your money.  Every ChargeTech product is built with the customer in mind.  We adopt the latest technology and are always innovating and improving our products to meet the highest standards.

Competitive pricing.  We believe that free charging should be everywhere and everyone should have access.  We offer the best pricing on charging solutions and will beat anyones pricing.