Starbucks Announces Wireless Phone Charging


Starbucks is known as the pioneer of new technological implementation. First, it was free Wi-Fi in all of their stores. Then it was the creation of a seamless phone app where payment was as easy as scanning a barcode. Now, consumers can get more than just their energy and their phone charged with wireless phone charging.

Wireless Phone Charging

Cellphone technology has been increasing and many of the apps require large amounts of power to function. Because lithium-ion batteries have not advanced at the same level of cellphone innovation, our cellphones will likely drain before the end of the day. By implementing wireless phone charging at Starbucks and Teavana locations, consumers will spend longer periods of time inside a Starbucks which results in a higher chance of another sale. Now, consumers can drink, eat, and chat while their phones are charging. Not enough chargers at the table? Try our Cell Phone Charging Station which allows ten devices to be charged all at the same time. There should never be a shortage of chargers and they should be universally available similar to free Wi-Fi.


Starbucks started to implement wireless phone chargers in the San Francisco Bay Area and are expected to inset over 100,000 charger embedded tables across the U.S. This entails over 7,500 stores to have free Wi-Fi and wireless charging for your devices. Wireless has existed for quite some time but Starbucks is here to make it mainstream.


Phone charging stations have been placed to appeal to the young and tech savvy consumers who are always on the go. Starbucks may be a prime destination to charge your devices, but having a portable charger allows the freedom to charge wherever you are. They are available with a Lightning, Micro USB, or 30-pin tip to charge a wide array of devices. The biggest complaint and stress inducer among cellphone users is the battery life. Starbucks addresses the problem by eliminating it when consumers are within their shops. The longer a potential consumer is within Starbucks, the higher the chance of them purchasing a cup of coffee. Adam Brotman, chief digital officer at Starbucks says, "Starbucks believes this is another step in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to in-store technology."

Wall Mounted Charging Station


Similar to their Wi-Fi implementation, there is doubt circling around the thought of wireless charging. However, as phones slowly adopt similar standards for wireless charging, it will become a necessity for all shops. Currently, while the wireless charging pads do not support all types of phones, check out the this versatile wall mount charging station. With enough charging tips to power your whole families devices, it will seamlessly fit into your shop, office, or home for all to use. With the ability to be mounted on a wall or with a stand, it offers a fresh design along with fast-charge technology which will beat out the current wireless charging speed.





Wireless Charging Station

Starbucks is becoming more than just a coffee shop. They have become  a universal trend setter for tech as well. As wired chargers are set aside to make room for wireless ones, the push begins with Starbucks. Wireless charging adapters are also available for all ChargeAll products. This provides versatility for all users because the wired chargers provide a faster charge time. If the goal is to make consumers linger within the store, then the wireless charging adapters will be the answer.




Portable Wall Outlet

Users who use the wireless chargers for more than an hour are more likely to have laptops. Because there is no wireless charging for laptops, the ChargeAll pairs perfectly in all situations. The world's smallest portable battery pack will be able to charge your tablet and laptop while your phone is charging wirelessly. Because of its portability, charging will be available anywhere you go after you leave Starbucks.


Starbucks realizes that all business must be open for technological change. Because they are a forward brand, Starbucks will always push boundaries and create a foundation for new businesses to follow.