"Internet of Things" Will Change the Way You Shop

  • 3 min read

Connecting the Virtual World with the Physical World

Everywhere you look, you see somebody on their mobile phone. From shopping and snapchatting, to texting and tweeting, people live on their phones. It's disrupting every aspect of life and the way businesses interact with their customers. Whether we like it or not, a person's mobile phone is the future of e-commerce, it's the holy grail of advertising and marketing. It's up to retailers to adapt to the world of e-commerce by connecting a person's website shopping experience, with their physical department store location. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows retailers to do just that.


Attract More Shoppers

Here's a perfect example, a customer browses your website and finds that perfect pair of jeans. They go to the mall and visit your store. During their visit, not only do they buy that pair of jeans, but they also browse your latest women's shoe collection. The Internet of Things will allow you to detect your customer's physical location and activity throughout their entire trip, knowing which sections of the store they spent the longest, and transmitting that data back to the retailer. Meaning, you can send your customer a special email newsletter about not just new pairs of jeans, but also your latest shoe collection. The result is a highly customized shopping experience. It's highly engaging, which leads to more shopping both online and offline. The opportunities are endless.



Charge While you Shop

Who wouldn't love to charge their phone for free while shopping? Retailers benefit as well. Before the customer can charge their phone, they must download the mobile app, which can be custom branded ChargeTech, Nordstroms, Macy's or with any other department store logo. It's the fastest way for department stores to immediately increase their app download usage.


Give them Something They Want

Customers love to buy, but they hate being sold. In order for retailers to get customers to opt into this program, they need to offer them something of value, for example, "Free phone charging while you shop". ChargeTech's smart phone charging stations feature Internet of Things technology that will allow retailers to gather valuable customer data and information. This will include email addresses, Facebook Likes, Instagram Shares and location based tracking within the store. Give a customer a what they want, and they'll interact with your brand more frequently. Everybody can relate to the low battery problem. While a customer is shopping, they can use the free phone charging station to recharge their battery life and get a quick boost.


Built for Future Upgrades

Businesses have often been hesitant to implement new technology. One year it's the next hottest thing, the next it's already obsolete. ChargeTech understands this, and the reason why all of their best selling phone charging stations can easily be upgraded to the newest standard without having to completely toss out their existing hardware. A phone charging station is the platform for the entire Internet of Things technology. It can function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, iBeacon bluetooth sensor, digital signage display, IP wireless camera, infrared security and much more. Literally, a retailer can easily upgrade their phone charging stations and have it function as an entire computer. The best part? You can get all of these notifications on your mobile phone. ChargeTech is powering the Internet of Things, connecting customers with retailers, and helping them engage in the endless possibilities of mobile advertising.