Solar Powering your Phone Charger

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Solar Charger

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May. 7, 2015

Solar Energy market is growing day by day, maybe it is the most efficient way to producing electricity power. Sun is showing up every day and we have the most powerful resource but we can’t use effectively. For solving this problem;
GoalZero launched in June 2009 with the mission ’’to empower people by putting reliable power in the hands of every human being’’. The main goal of the company is using sun for charging mobile devices. GoalZero has wide product range about solar energy chargers and portable solar panels. GoalZero is providing personal solar power for everyone.

Use the Sun Efficiently


Today GoalZero is still working for to add new products to the product range of the company. GoalZero is very useful for the people who like outdoor activities such as hikers, hunters, campers or photographers.

GoalZero categorized their charging products in two main topics. First main topic is collection, in this category the company is selling the products which are able to collect the energy from sun effectively these products are mostly portable efficient products for collecting clean power from sun.

There are 6 different panels from Nomad 7 Solar Panel to Boulder 90 Solar Panel. Nomad 7 Solar Panel is the smallest and most portable solar panel of the company. It is only 0,8lbs and it can charge basic 2,200 mAh charger in 4-8 hours by the position of the sun. On the other hand most powerful solar panel Boulder 90 Solar Panel can charge 14,000mAh external battery in 3-6 hours.

The other main topic is keeping the energy in the batteries. There are nine different models of GoalZero in this category. Thanks to these products of GoalZero they are keeping energy in the batteries until the people need to charge their devices.

These are from Flip 10 Recharger to GoalZero Yeti Solar 1250 Solar Generator. The smallest version of the power storages is Flip 10 Recharger is convenient for mobile phones, GPS devices, headlamps and fitness trackers. The stronger version of the company GoalZero Yeti Solar 1250 Solar Generator has 1200Wh, 100Ah. It means it is suitable for Laptop, Mini Fridge, TV, Backup, Emergency and Lights.

YETI1250SOLARKIT-REFRB-2Outdoor Activities

On the other hand, GoalZero is the company which focused on camping and outdoor accessories. Also the company is producing some high quality lights, speakers and textile for outdoor sports.

The event and outdoor festivals are very useful places to use GoalZero products, last year GoalZero installed a solar power charging station to the SunFest. It was very popular place of the festival because lots of people charged their phone at the charging area of GoalZero. SunFest is a sun festival and during the day the cellphones are spending more energy compare to night because of brightness. Because of the reflection of the sun the people are using their phones in maximum brightness. Thanks to this station people who are in the festival charged their phones with directly from solar energy.
Also in the web site of the company there is a blog that the people sharing their experiences with their solar energy power. There are too many spectacular stories about solar energy using in the blog of GoalZero.