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Everyday, thousands of helpless people are saying “my cell phone died.” ChargeAll is the solution to the problem.

Our goal is to make sure you’re always charged and always ready. The idea is simple, free cell phone chargers should be everywhere. That means ChargeAll in every home, office, school, hotel, restaurant, bar and coffee shop around the world.

My customers ask me if I can charge their phone all the time. ChargeAll’s phone charging station pretty much solves that problem and is a great way for people to hang out, eat food and stay longer at my bar. It’s been a great addition to my restaurant. – Michael (The Globe Dine & Bar)

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We’re Placing Phone Chargers Everywhere

Over 90% of people around the world own a cell phone, the low battery issue is a universal problem everybody can relate to. We know there’s other options out there, but really… ask yourself this question, what happens when you’re out, and your cell phone dies? Where can you go to charge your phone? The idea is to place phone chargers everywhere. Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi right? It’s the same idea. Attract more customers and keep your guests longer & happier. Check out our case studies to see why some of the largest companies in the world love and use ChargeAll.


True story isn’t it? In order for people to really connect with the issue and our idea, we wanted to create a viral campaign to share the “my cell phone died” and “free phone charging station” awareness. We sponsor nationwide events and even give away free phone chargers for people who talk about us on their social media sites. Since then, our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages have had countless response videos and posts about different phone dying situations. It’s been a huge success for us and people loved the idea of free cell phone chargers everywhere! If businesses can offer free Wi-Fi, why not free charging stations? Support the movement at mycellphonedied.com and share your low battery story.



Reconnecting Families & Friends

When the Red Cross and other disaster relief teams respond to crises, one of the most important items they bring are cell phone chargers. We donate our phone chargers to these organizations to help those in need. The average individual upgrades their cell phone every 2 years. Our “Stay Connected” charity program accepts old phones and donates them to the less fortunate. We empower them to re-connect with their family and friends, access the internet and find work. We also help the environment by offering a recycling program. If you would like more information about how you can participate and reconnect an individual, please contact our charity directly at stayconnected@chargeall.com

Building A Global Brand

Take a look at your cell phone, that thing is amazing isn’t it? It let’s you call your family and friends, answer e-mails, post on Facebook, and even play Angry Birds. But what happens when you’re out and your cell phone dies…. UHH OHH… what are you going to do? My name is Jeffrey Maganis, the Inventor and Founder of ChargeAll. In the next couple years, public cell phone charging stations are going to be in every restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, school, home and office. ChargeAll is now being used by some of the world’s largest companies such as McDonald’s, the Hilton, Four Seasons and Toyota. Learn about my story as an entrepreneur and how I built a global brand by finding a solution to one of life’s everyday problems. Please email me at jeffrey@chargeall.com. We’re actively seeking investors and partners.

Founder - Jeffrey Maganis

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