Wireless Solutions for Everyday Problems

Technology is headed on a course in that soon you won’t need separate devices to tell you the information that you’ll need in your everyday life. Appliances such as your fridge or microwave will be able to take care of your problems for you. Wireless solutions are becoming the main feature for appliances within the home. From intelligent thermostats to garage openers ensuring your car is locked, there are several features that many companies are looking to start including into the everyday item in our home that we use every day. One could call this a “consolidation of technology”.

With the advancements of appliances, companies like Haier and Energous have developed the means to create appliances that can also double as wireless chargers for phones and other mobile devices. This is different than the Qi wireless charging you may have heard of. This technology isn’t the same as the pad you lay your phone on to charge. This technology works by transmitting radio frequencies throughout the room, and any devices containing the same receivers within a fifteen-foot radius will start to charge. No more searching for wall plugs and no more lost chargers; all of your electrical needs will be taken care of in the kitchen, or whichever part of your home is blessed with one of these appliances.

Although wireless charging is not a new thing, it is mostly confined to the professional industries. Even with Qi, presently the universal standard for wireless charging, one has to place their device on a charging pad of some sort. Converting the technology to a domestic setting, however, fills a niche that has never been considered before. Wireless solutions would make it easy to save on electricity bills in the home from having to charge so many devices at any one time. Instead, the appliances you have can do all of the work for you.

Even a single transmitter in the home has been shown to charge up to twenty-four devices at one time. However, the rate of charge differs depending on how many devices there are in the room and the proximity of the devices to the transmitter. The further away it is, the more the signal dissipates, so less power is being received. The more devices present also alters the rate at which they charge, so it could take much longer with more devices being in the room.

Think of the day when you’re busy talking on the phone in your kitchen or doing laundry and your battery starts to die. You’ll never have to worry about running to find your phone charger and having to risk your battery dying in the middle of your call. Instead your fridge, washer, dryer or stove could charge your phone for you. You can keep talking for as long as you want, and never have to worry about calls ending in the middle of a conversation. These wireless solutions could make all the difference for those who lead busy lives and need a faster way of maintaining their devices when they’re at home.

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