Wireless Charging Not What You Think

Usually releases of Apple devices bring a sense of joyful awe to the company’s many fans, but since the release of the iPhone 5 there have been many complaints voiced about the lack of wireless charging.

It was Nokia’s announced release of the Lumia 920 that served to increase interest in this otherwise unknown feature. The announcement came only a week before the release of the iPhone 5 and many people did not even know that this was a feature they wanted. Suddenly the lack of wireless charging in the iPhone 5 became a big issue to many consumers.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s product guru, came to the defense of the iPhone 5’s inability to charge wirelessly in an interview with Ina Fried.

There has always been a marketing war featured in the press in which it was Apple against the world. An in-depth consideration of the entire issue reveals that this issue comes as a well-planned blow against Apple. The fact is that although wireless charging is a concept that may hold great appeal to smartphone users, the current technology available does not fulfill expectations.

Scan the walls of any conference and it is easy to find someone lurking around an outlet to charge their phone. Conference organizers have in fact begun creating trade show phone charging stations. There are many who have adapted the habit of carrying around an extra power cord. Travelers often can be found in possession of about three or four chargers for the purpose of keeping their many portable devices (such as computers, phones, and iPads) powered up.

Those who hear about ‘wireless charging’ it is their ticket to freedom from having to tote around various chargers, but this is not the reality. This is what Schiller pointed out when he stated that people do not need yet another device to have to plug in.. People would have another thing to plug in when charging wirelessly due to  the way wireless charging is currently designed There is still an adapter that has to be plugged into the wall, however the phone gets laid on the charger instead of being plugged into it.

Wireless charging is not as new as some may think. The Palm Pre emerged four years ago and wireless charging was one of its features. There are reasons why one a few phones since then have featured this technology.

The reason why wireless charging does not function the way many would picture it to is that currents have to flow from the electrical source to the phone in order for charging to occur. Therefore, there must be some physical contact made. The Pal Pre contained magnets within the phone and the charger to help the connection points line up.

This is what many do not realize about wireless charging. Devices cannot just be placed on the charger, but the connection points have to like up specifically. Adding additional components to the phone to great freedom of choice in connection points brings a price increase to the phone.

The issues with wireless charging are solvable, but come with a sacrifice to other elements of the phone. Yet, many would prefer the feature they now have rather than to sacrifice them for easier wireless charging on their phones.

Wireless charging may be a great feature in the minds of many, but the technology still has a lot of need for development. It will be some time before travelers can experience a phone charging pad in every hotel room, airport, and major public area. Until then, ChargeAll will have to serve as the replacement for a wireless iPhone 5 charging station.


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