Why Wireless Charging Failed…

Why Wireless Charging Has Failed

Here’s a great article posted by PC World that details Wireless Charging as one of the Five Wireless Technologies that Didn’t Change the World. Simply put, it’s expensive, it’s bulky, and it doesn’t work with every phone. We suggest buying a ChargeAll phone charging pad instead.


Link: http://www.pcworld.com/article/250683/five_mobile_technologies_that_didnt_change_the_world.html


Wireless Charging

The great thing about wireless devices is that they’re, well, wireless. As in no wires. Even the iPhone doesn’t require physical connectivity anymore when synchronizing or downloading music, thanks to recent iCloud integrations. But charging? That does require a physical “wire.”

It wasn’t supposed to be like that. For a few years, “wireless charging” has promised to untether phones altogether. Just drop a phone onto a special mat, and it would charge through inductive coupling, via an invisible electromagnetic field.

Last year, it looked as if wireless charging might take over as the default way to charge a phone. This year, wireless charging still hasn’t become a major feature on any major handset line.

The only big vendor to embrace it on a mainstream phone was Palm, which offered a very cool and innovative wireless charging station called the Touch Stone. But that product line was terminated by HP.

Two of the biggest proponents of wireless charging, Duracell and Powermat , formed a joint venture in September to advance the cause of wireless charging. They offer a range of products for name-brand phones, including the iPhone.

But so far, these third-party wireless charging systems require very bulky cases. In order to gain the convenience of wireless charging, you have to lose the convenience of a small phone. Because they’re aftermarket devices, they have to use the phones’ charging ports, making them unavailable for conventional charging unless you remove the case.

Wireless charging was promising but turned out to be very disappointing.

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