When a CPAP Battery Pack is Necessary

If you live with sleep apnea, odds are you’re already more than aware of the need for a CPAP machine. After-all, though it can take up a fair bit of space and cause quite a bit of noise, all you need is the machine and an available outlet to secure a restful night’s sleep. But what do you do when that outlet isn’t so readily accessible? That’s when a reliable, portable CPAP battery pack becomes a pretty enticing value proposition!

As anyone with a few years of CPAP therapy under their belt can tell you, having access to portable power in the form of a CPAP battery pack can make living with sleep apnea even more manageable. In fact, there are a few instances where a CPAP battery pack can actively make life with sleep apnea noticeably less restrictive.    

When Will You Need a Portable CPAP Battery Pack?  


using a cpap machine while camping

The avid camper may be a tad upset to learn they have sleep apnea. After-all, “glamping” aside, your campsite won’t be near any walls or outlets. The thought of an outdoorsman may not evoke images of a bulky CPAP machine, but that doesn’t mean those with sleep apnea have to hang up their backpacks and tent equipment! A battery pack with the right amount of storage can keep your machine charged through the entire night. If you pick the right model, you could even invest in solar power functionality, allowing you the ability to continue charging and spend more time in your sanctuary away from home. 

Traveling Abroad

air travel

A common grievance many CPAP machine users will voice is the fact that their machines aren’t very portable, especially when dealing with flights. Fortunately, an external power bank makes bringing a CPAP machine on planes incredibly viable.

Since CPAP machines run on electricity, many users must consider that the availability of at-seat power varies from airline to airline. Some may provide “household power” (110 or 240 volts) while others may not provide power at all. Needless to say, bringing a fully charged power bank removes the guesswork and leaves you prepared to enjoy a restful night’s sleep (or at least as restful a night of sleep you can receive aboard a plane). Luckily enough, a variety of TSA approved battery packs exist in the current market, making it easier than ever to prepare for that next trip abroad!

Of course, powering your machine during the flight is certainly helpful, but that doesn’t address issues you face once you land. Many countries use 240-volt or 50-cycle currents that don’t allow many of our most used machines to charge without an adapter. Addressing that concern, many portable power banks actually come pre-packaged with universal adapters that make travel abroad with a CPAP machine incredibly simple and stress-free.

During a Power Outage

home electricity

In most cases, if your home’s power were to go out, that would spell the end of your CPAP machine’s operation, resulting in a ruined night’s sleep or worse. Run this same simulation with a battery pack connected to your AC outlet and your CPAP machine, however, and you hear a completely different story. Once power from your home comes to a halt, a fully charged battery will immediately kick on, powering your CPAP machine well into the morning. This is due to a feature many power banks provide referred to as “pass-through charging”.

Essentially, pass through charging refers to a power bank’s ability to charge itself while simultaneously charging devices connected to it. It’s an immensely useful feature offered by many different battery packs on the market that lends itself especially well to health-care based products such as CPAP machines. Working as a kind of middleman, a portable power supply will maintain a full charge as it delivers power from your outlet to your CPAP machine. Once your home’s electricity goes out, the battery will begin delivering the power its been storing, keeping your machine charged so you experience a night of restorative rest.  


Once a condition like sleep apnea makes itself a regular part of your daily routine, learning to adapt can save you years of stress and discomfort. If you’re interested in picking up a battery pack for your CPAP machine, we encourage you to check out a previous post we wrote that can help you find the perfect fit based on your specific machine’s specifications.