Top 5 Reasons Hospitals Need Charging Stations

A Changing Landscape

Nowadays having a mobile phone is almost a fact of life, which makes keeping a phone alive becomes almost a daily, if not hourly, chore. Schools, businesses and hospitals alike are realizing that this need is not going away.  The demand is only growing as people rely more and more on their mobile phones to not only stay connected, but to do their jobs. 

The Rising Demand for Charging Stations

For hospitals, this need is becoming even more overwhelming as hospital guests are finding themselves waiting long hours to access patient care or to wait for their loves ones to receive care. The waiting time builds up unwanted anxiousness and anxiety that many hospitals are trying to curb. While many lobby areas are willing to accept personal requests for phone charging behind the reception desk, the demand is becoming just too high for many reception rooms to accommodate. With this demand has come the need for hospitals to turn to charging stations.  

The Perfect Solution

Many charging stations answer to the demand by offering multiple charging ports to charge up multiple types of devices at one time. They’ve become increasingly popular because they require little maintenance once plugged in and people can easily help themselves. With the addition of these amenities, many hospitals are already realizing the benefit. Waiting room guests are calmer and at east, while customer satisfaction scores have incrementally increased. 

Charging Station for Health Care Professionals 

Powering patients isn’t the only thing top of mind for many hospitals vying for higher HCAHPS scores, tending to medical care professional and hospital employees has also become a priority. As doctors and nurses rely on modern technology more and more every day to facilitate patient care, hospitals are realizing the need to keep these technological devices charged at all times in order to provide efficient and effective patient care. Surgery rooms and surgical equipment are being custom equipped with Portable Power Outlets that help continuously power surgical devices for long hour surgery procedures, while employee break rooms and offices are being installed with desktop and floor stand charging stations to accommodate mobile device charging for personal use. This is helping to not only to facilitate employee work and productivity, but also to provide employees with the opportunity to stay connected with their peers and personal lives.  Overall, this has contributed to greater employee happiness and satisfaction.

How will you upgrade your business satisfaction score?