Top 5 Electric Vehicle Car Charging Stations

Congratulations! You purchased your first electric vehicle, now you need a car charger or charging station for your home or business. We’re ChargeTech, experts in all things battery technology, we help people around the world power anything, anywhere. First, we’re going to give a quick introduction and educate you about electric car chargers in general, and then recommend our pick for the top 5 best electric vehicle car charging stations.

How does an electric vehicle car charger work? Did you know your charger is actually inside the vehicle? That’s right, inside your car is the equipment to take the AC power from your wall outlet and convert it to DC power so your battery pack can be charged. The box that’s inside your house is technically called an electric vehicle service equipment or EVSE. What does it do? Well it safely connects an electric car to a 110 volt or 240 volt source of electricity. It’s the same way your phone charger works. It takes a massive amount of power from the wall, and safely converts it to something more usable.

How much do EV car charging stations cost? Anywhere from $499-$999. There are a number of key features you need to be understand before you purchase. We’ll make it simple and recommend the most popular ev car charger later in this article. Keep in mind, you still have to pay the cost of installation.

What is a Fast Charger? That’s the amperage capacity, think of it like a fire hose. A 30 amp charger is much faster than a 15 amp charger. The amp measurement is how big the fire hose is, the volt measurement is how fast the water will flow. Contact your electrician and make sure you have a circuit breaker rated for at least 40 amps to support this capacity.

What are the most important features? Easy to use, WiFi enabled app, long charging cord length, universal connector, weatherproof, size and cost.

Here are our top recommendations in order:

ChargePoint Home Electric Vehicle Charger Easy to understand status light indicator shows when the unit is connected to the internet, charging the car and when an error arises. Standard J1772 universal connector for any EV on the road. WiFi enabled, probably one of the coolest features, it allows for remote start, scheduled charging and even sending reminders through your mobile app. It’s also extremely compact, compared to the size of a piece of paper.

Bosch Power Max 30 Amp Electric Vehicle Charging Station – The simplest unit on the market. Just plug it in and the car starts charging. An LED indicator and on/off switch for basic operation. Available in three different options 16 amp, 30 amp with 18 foot cord and 30 amp with 25 foot cord.

Schneider Electric EVlink Electric Vehicle Charging Station – Fully customizable with a custom skin or upload your favorite photo. Sleek, minimalist design fits your home décor.

Siemens Versicharge 30-Amp Electric Vehicle Charger – A name you can trust, best in class 3 year warranty. Easily change the rate of charge. Must use with 240 volt outlet. Weatherproof and made from recycled materials. Includes a delay timer function, allowing you to postpone charging for up to eight hours from the time of plug-in.

JuiceBox Pro Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charger – Our #1 pick. A no-frills, easy to use charging station. Skips the features and go with something that works. The smallest EVSE of its class. Easy cable management. More power for your money.