The Showdown: Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Ever since the rise of Samsung’s smartphone, the Galaxy S, it has become the clear opposition to the already popular Apple iPhone. Although it was quite clear from the start that the iPhone would be the leading smartphone, the Samsung’s developers have turned their smartphone into a product that Apple is quickly becoming very worried about (for their own sake). We’ve put together a list of comparisons to see which phone is actually the king of smartphones (and the better buy for you).


Even though the Google Play store for the Galaxy has around 700,000 apps compared to the Apple Store’s 475,000, the developers for iPhone apps have released some of the most intriguing and extremely popular apps, such as Tempo (a great calendar app), Mailbox, the world famous Vine. If you’re involved in even a bit of social media, you must have seen the BestVine page on Facebook (which is in existence- all thanks to the iPhone!). Google might catch up to Apple in some years to surpass the popularity of apps, but for now, Apple’s head start gives it the major advantage boost to stay on top of the game when it comes to apps.

Winner= iPhone 5

Pic3  Battery

Battery life is always one of the major deciding factors that let people to choose    what phones to get. The good thing about the Galaxy S4 is that the battery is replaceable; the bad thing is that these batteries don’t run for as long as the iPhone does. While the iPhone 5 has tested to run for the average time of 7 hours and 15 minutes, the Galaxy S4 runs for 5 hours and 49 minutes on Sprint (6 hours and 5 minutes on Power Saver mode), and for 5 hours and 13 minutes on AT&T (5 hours and 54 minutes on Power Saver mode). The differences between the battery lives of the two brands are dramatically different, and there is a clear-cut winner in this battle.

Winner= iPhone 5



This is where the battle gets tough. iPhone users have always raved about how amazing their photos turn out- and it’s true. Pictures taken using the Apple device prove to come out to be more clear and precise than that of the Galaxy phones. The Apple offers less resolution than does the Galaxy (8 MP vs. 13 MP), but the outcomes of the pictures are still much better than pictures taken by the Galaxy. These pictures can also be attributed to the HD effect that iPhone users can chose prior to snapping a picture. Plus, how cool is the panoramic picture option?! No more leaning back uncomfortably to capture the most you can in one screen- you can now simply slide your camera across the view to get it all in one shot. Despite all of these features, the Galaxy also wows critics when it comes to its camera capabilities. The Galaxy offers a Drama Shot Mode for those who want to capture action shots, and also an Eraser Mode to edit pictures (yes- you can even edit people out of the picture).

Winner= Tie



If you have ever held a Galaxy and an iPhone, you will have noticed the incredible size difference. Whereas the iPhone could be operated using one palm, the Galaxy most likely requires both of your hands (unless you have ginormous monster hands). The iPhone is 3.9 ounces compared to the 4.6 ounce Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4’s polycarbonate chassis is an improvement than its predecessor, but the iPhone, comprised of glass and aluminum, and is still considered to be the top poster child of today’s smartphones due to its simple, sleek, and easy-to-use design.

Winner= iPhone 5



This is where size comes in to play to help the Galaxy S4. Due to the Galaxy’s 5 inch screen, combined with its’ higher resolution compared to the iPhone S4 (1920 x 1080 pixels vs. the iPhone’s 1136 x 640 pixels), the clear-cut winner is the Galaxy. Watching anything, especially videos and movies, is much more enjoyable to watch on the Galaxy. Consider a small time movie screen. The only aspect where the iPhone 5 is better is the brightness of the phone (but when you’re out of the sun, that doesn’t really matter when it comes to viewing pleasure of the screen).

Winner= Galaxy S4



The iPhone interface is either one that is familiar to anyone who’s touched an iPhone (it never really changes between the revolution of iPhones), or is one of the easiest systems to learn and operate. The buttons on the pages are easy to read, very straight forward, and not that hard to learn. A cool feature that the iPhone has is the Spotlight search, which is one swipe away from the homepage. By typing any keyword in the search box, you can basically search for what you want through any application/feature on your phone, including: apps, emails, messages, contacts, calendar, media, notes and reminders. Google search on the S4 is more limited, letting us find apps, contacts and media, but not individual messages or appointments.

Comfort and familiarity is good, but it gets boring, and this is where the Galaxy can challenge the big and bad Apple iPhone. Galaxy S4′s TouchWiz interface lets you do a lot more in fewer taps. For example, when you swipe down from the top, you can toggle everything from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to special features like Air Gesture and Smart Scroll. Another cool feature on the Galaxy S4 is the ability to multi-task when you utilize the long-press feature on the home button. This allows you to view two tasks at once on the Multi Window Menu, such as emailing your boss while also viewing a video on YouTube at the same time.

Winner= Galaxy S4



The iPhone’s keyboard is easy to use, has a simple layout, and has been tested to have less of a lag than that of a Galaxy S4, but some features on the S4 have propelled it to be the winner of this round. The S4 also is more advanced because it has its own number row, whereas on the iPhone, you have to press a button to switch to a separate page that has the numbers and symbols. Samsung also has its own form of Autocorrect called Swiftkey, which offers next word predictions, which makes texting faster, as well as trace typing, in which you can text without lifting a finger on the keyboard, making it easier to text on that big ol’ 5-inch screen. Voice typing is a lot faster on the Samsung as well.

Winner= Galaxy S4



The placement of the speakers on each respective phone makes a whole lot of difference how the turnout of sound is. The iPhone’s speakers are on the bottom of the phone, whereas the Galaxy’s speakers are on the back of the phone. The Galaxy’s placement on the back of the phone has proven to strengthen its sound effects (you can hear the music from the S4 from across a medium sized room), and the volume controls also range higher than it does on the iPhone.

Winner= Galaxy S4


Pic10Special Features

From the beginning stages of the iPhone until now, there have been significant improvements that developers make to the phone to make us want more. Some cool new additions that have been made to the phone include Photo Streaming, which allows you to share pictures with your friends and family through iCloud. Siri is of course another feature that wows Apple users, and she seems to be getting smarter and smarter as well. BUT- one of the main issues that iPhone users have been dealing with is the map application. Its unpredictability and errors have led many users to want to pull their hairs out (including me). Now, for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Although this phone rose to popularity late in the smartphone age, the special features on this phone is what the quick rise to fame is attributed to. First off, the S4 has several cool physical aspects that the user can use to operate the phone, including the special hand wave feature, called the Air Gestures, which allows you to flip the screen or slide to the next picture on your phone, and also the Smart Scroll feature, where you can simply tilt your phone or tilt your head to be able to navigate through a web page. Another feature is the Air View, where you can preview content by hovering your finger above the display. On an app called WatchOn, your phone could turn into a remote control for your television (and even Netflix). Being a bilingual speaker, I found this next app to be highly impressive: The S Translate. It translates multiple languages, through both speech and text. OH- and before I forget, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is WATERPROOF. If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will.

Winner= Galaxy S4


THE FINAL WINNER: The Samsung Galaxy S4. Although the iPhone is the most popular and widely used phones in the world, a simple breakdown between the applications and features of both phones show that there is a new star in town in the smartphone world, and it’s no longer the Apple iPhone.


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