The Funky Monkey Phone Charger Review

“Unique Products…Genuine Reviews” is what the folks over at the The Funky Monkey are all about. They were kind enough to review our product and give us their honest opinion.

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Best cell phone charger
ChargeAll Wall Charger – Why have 5 or more chargers when you can have 1?  With the ChargeAll Wall Charger you can!  Usually I’m searching around for a charger only to find other chargers that I’m not looking for.  Since I have the ChargeAll Wall Charger, I only need to find this charger and know it will work with whatever electronic device needs charging.

Businesses can also benefit from the ChargeAll Wall Charger.  Cell phones are carried by most people and many of us have experienced our cell phone shutting off because we’ve run the battery down!  A business can create goodwill with customers if they can help with charging a customer’s cell phone.
ChargeAll Wall Chargers can charge devices from Apple, LG, Sony Erickson, Sony PSP, Samsung, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, and Nokia.  It can also support devices that have a Mini USB and Micro USB.
Bottom Line – Eliminate clutter – replace all your chargers with the ChargeAll Wall Charger that can charge them all!”


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