The Benefits and Comparisons between Chargeall and Competitors

Why Chargeall is the Best Device Charging Station


Compared to its competition (Other Cell Phone Chargers)

  • Charging Station Kiosk
  • Wireless Cell Phone Charger
  • Universal Cell Phone Charger



no need for customers to waste time looking for a cell phone charger or make an additional pit stop when they can charge their phone while attending an event, having a meal, or shopping; no worries about bringing or losing cell phone chargers, extra batteries.

Time saving

Fast charge technology speed- Uses a higher amperage than other charges at 1.5AMP of charging power and charges Apple iPhones 50% faster and Blackberrys 2x faster than the factory charger.


Customer Service:

acquire additional income from customers eating, shopping, waiting or using any services you offer while waiting for their devices to charge. Demonstrate to your customers and community that you take an active role in customer service by catering to their personal needs of communication through charging their mobile devices.


Chargeall is inexpensive (starting at $50) for a charging station in comparison to competitors whose most compact and cheapest charging station starts at $1500. Charging kiosks typically range anywhere from $250-$2000 for a single unit.


Out of order machinery:

Let’s be honest. You’ve had a couple of drinks and you’re not quite sure how to put it in (the tip that is, cell phone charging tip). It’s the nature of cell phone chargers to break fairly often. Say you just paid $1500 for a cell phone charging station kiosk, and the very next day, somebody walks into your bar and breaks the Apple iPhone tip? What do you do?

Large cell phone kiosks are vulnerable to damage and often require costly $100/per hour technicians to repair the damages. Otherwise, how do you replace a $1500 charging kiosk? However, with Chargeall stations, they are simple, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

Wireless Charging requires a docking station and individual sleeves for each type of cell phone. Once all of the accessories have been purchased for the different types of cell phones, it can be turn out to be hundreds of dollars.




  • Chargeall is very compact at 7 in (L) x 4.75 in (W) x 4.25 in (H). Compared to competitors, it is easily transportable and takes a couple of seconds to set up: just plug in the outlet and you’re all set. ChargeAll is so compact it can fit on a table, counter, or even on your lap.
  •  Wireless Charging requires infrastructure setup – Needs to be connected to a network. What happens if the network fails? ChargeAll is 100% pure charging pleasure.
  •  Wireless charging is not compatible with all devices – What happens if your customer doesn’t have an inductive sleeve? Wait. say that again? What’s an inductive sleeve? How

    many of people actually have an inductive sleeve on their phone? Our cell phone charging station literally works with thousands of devices, no need for any additional accessories.

  • Other charging kiosks also include detachable tips, which are easy to lose and misplace.


4 in 1? 6 in 1? 8 in 1? ChargeAll features 10 tips in 1! Not just any 10,

but a perfect 10. The most widely used and compatible 10 tips on the market.

Charges everything from the Apple iPhone and Android to Nintendo DS and

Amazon Kindle


Image: Chargeall is customizable; Thousands of different options are available; from a crocodile skin finish to a brushed aluminum look. You can even send in your own design (company name/logo) and we’ll do the rest!


Security/theft/privacy– Protect data from phone from “Juice jacking”: Krebs on Security reported that cell phone charging kiosks were “capable of downloading their smartphone’s data without their knowledge or consent” and even capable of installing a virus onto your device.


Only a fraction of smartphones and tablets are protected by security software, despite a rise in the amount of malware targeted at mobile devices.

Estimates for growth of mobile malware (includes viruses, worms and malicious software used by hackers, such as code inserted into compromised mobile apps) vary greatly, but all expects warn that it is growing very fast.


• BullGuard identified a staggering 2,500 different types of mobile malware in 2010.

• IBM X-Force named 2011 the year of the security breach, predicting that “exploits targeting vulnerabilities that affect mobile operating systems will more than double from 2010”.


Yet most smartphones and tablets have little security protection

Read more about it at these links:




Pay to Charge – Typically accepts credit card payments of $1-$2 for every charge. Who wants to pay to charge their cell phone? Free cell phone chargers should be everywhere!

Regular charging rate – Inductive charging charges at about the same rate as other charging devices. ChargeAll features fast charge technology. Life’s too short to be waiting around for your phone to charge.

Slow charge – ChargeAll blows the competition out of the water with it’s exclusive fast charge capability. It’s typically 50%-100% faster than the competition.

to charge their cell phones. ChargeAll fits in perfectly with

the atmosphere of Pink Taco, It’s a restaurant as well as a bar

and when people come for happy hour after work they get a

drink and charge their cell phones. – Chad Weiner of PINK TACO


I’m a business owner, and I’m always looking

for new ways to attract customers and set myself apart from all the

different restaurants. On an average day, I’m approached by at least 5-10

customers asking me to charge their phone behind the bar. I did a google

search and came across ChargeAll. I really can’t stress how much my

customers love this thing. It’s simple, inexpensive, and very small. I have

several placed throughout my bar.- Belemy Rodriguez of Hilton Hotels


You’d be surprised how many people ask

me to charge their cell phone at the end of the night. Why didn’t somebody

think of a cell phone charging station sooner? ChargeAll is what every bar

and restaurant needs. – Aaron Murningham of Charlie Palmer
style=”font-size: large;”>Microsoft Tag’s recently released infographics, statistics, and facts about mobile devices for 2011:


Apple has sold almost 60 million iPhones world wide, while Google’s Android OS is growing at 886% year on year and now activating over 160,000 devices a day, across 60 devices in over 40 countries. And at that rate, Android will come from behind to over take Apple as the leading smart phone OS in 2011.

US consumers prefer mobile browsers for banking, travel, shopping, local info, news, video, sports and blogs and prefer apps for games, social media, maps and music.

– The most used mobile apps in the US are games; news; maps; social networking and music. Facebook, Google Maps and The Weather Channel (TWC) rule.

statistics, productivity, cell phone used for work home directions #1 most used:

  1. Messaging
  2. Phone calls
  3. Navigation


Nearly half (47%) of US teens say their social life would end or be worsened without their cell phone, and nearly six in 10 (57%) credit their mobile device with improving their life, according to a national survey from CTIA and Harris Interactive.

80% say their cell phone provides a sense of security while on the go, confirming that the cell phone has become their mobile safety net when needing a ride (79%), getting important information (51%), or just helping out someone in trouble (35%).

– You are not alone. A recent PEW study found that 13 percent of Americans admit to using their cell phones to prevent unwanted social interactions. Hmm. Perhaps that’s why everyone’s always “texting” in the elevator.

-The PEW data suggested that cell phones are important tools in emergencies; 40 percent of mobile phone owners said they found themselves in an emergency situation and having their cell phone helped.

-The study, for example, found that more than half of all adult cell owners (51 percent) used their handsets at least once for quick information retrieval in the last month. This could be firing up your browser to ask a question, launching an app to find a nearby restaurant, or tapping into your smartphone-based map to get directions. About one quarter of Americans (27 percent) said they experienced a situation in the past month in which not having their cell phones at hand caused them to have trouble doing something.


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