The Apple Lightning Connector

Apple Lightning Connector

User Submitted Apple iPhone5 Lightning Connector Review

Apple is an easily recognizable name in technology. They have been known to stir the pot with some of their products from time to time in their attempts to increase innovative designs and get a let up on the competition. Apple is continuing to show growth in the technology industry with the implementation of the Lightning Connector.


After purchasing both the iPad 4th Generation and iPhone 5, it was decided that adding the Lightning Connector would be beneficial. It was definitely the right choice. The added convenience of being able to charge both devices from one unit is beneficial, not to mention less clutter. Between my wife and me, we have several devices that require charging usually all at once. I purchased the original Charge All because having a separate connector or charger for each device just became to be too much.


When it came time for a business trip, it was necessary to take several different chargers with me for each item that I needed, simply because each manufacturer uses a different amount of wattage.  The Micro USB has a certain limit as to the number of watts it can carry safely.  The Micro USB can reach 9 watts, new Android phones and iPhone 5 need 5 watts and Android tablets and full size iPods need 10 watts. The Lightning Connector provides a flat amount of 12 watts, which is distributed to each device as it needs it.


Using a different charger for each device just isn’t practical. Once I found the Lightning Connector, my views of Apple as a whole changed completely. Now that I’m using just one charging device, things just seem easier. Apple integrated a design in the end of the connector to make it impossible to insert it wrong which would cause damage to the connector. This integrated design feature is pure genius, second to that of ChargeAll’s phone charging pad being conveniently placed at different bars and restaurants free of charge.


As the Apple Lightning Connector is designed for 12 watts, it easily works in a vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter as well. This lets us charge our iPhones, iPods and various other on-the-go items while we’re in transit.


While the Micro USB did help Apple in 2009 with the emergence of the Micro USB from propriety connectors, it just did not work as a connector interface standard.  The bottom line is this Micro USB cable is not made correctly at all and ends up failing rather quickly. Making the switch to the Lightning Connector is the best decision I could have made.


With the great design, Apple has chosen not to license or advertise it just yet. It is only to protect the DRM logic or device authentication right now.  I truly believe that big companies such as Apple could make a version of the Lightning Connector as a wider connector standard for multiple devices.  Having this to look forward to in the future, it changes my overall opinion of Apple as a company. They’re putting us, the consumer, first by designing a product to reduce clutter and make charging multiple devices at once possible, uhmmm need I say the reason again why we need ChargeAll phone charging kiosks everywhere? I am looking forward to what Apple has to bring us in the future.

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