Tech in Motion + ChargeTech: Smart City Demos

Last night ChargeTech had the opportunity to partner with Tech In Motion for Smart City Demos, an event showcasing the latest tech in OC with a lineup of local companies demoing products. Tech In Motion has over 7,000 members in Orange County alone with persons coming from many different industries, so it was great to hear all the varying ways the charging stations, lockers and cabinets could be utilized.

The event went off without a hitch and provided our guests with quality networking opportunities. This stimulating atmosphere made for great conversation amongst both guests and the stacked list of demo companies.

Ranging from charging stations from ChargeTech to Site 1001’s software capable of transforming your building into a smart building. The ballroom floor was filled with innovation, a thirst for knowledge and opportunities.

The ChargeTech team was able to give out ThinCharges and charging keychains to many of the event goers, and one lucky event goer (shown below) was the winner of a 42,000 mAh Plug!

We look forward to partnering with Tech In Motion in the future very soon, so stay tuned!

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