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15 iPhone Charging and Battery Issues

Increase the Long-Term Battery Life of Your Phone With the addition of iOS 9, iPhone 6/6S, and the iPhone 6/6S Plus, battery life was expected to be increased. However, that is not the case despite the larger phone size. The iPhone 6 has a 1810mAh battery compared to the 1560mAh battery in the iPhone 5S…. Read more >

15 Common iPhone Charging And Battery Issues Resolved with iOS

Have a specific question about your iPhone? Ask us on Twitter/Instagram @getchargetech Increase Battery Life Now. Free App Download. Email Address With the addition of iOS and a larger screen size, battery life was expected to be increased. However, that is not the case despite the larger phone size. The smaller iPhone has a 1810mAh… Read more >

The Showdown: Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Ever since the rise of Samsung’s smartphone, the Galaxy S, it has become the clear opposition to the already popular Apple iPhone. Although it was quite clear from the start that the iPhone would be the leading smartphone, the Samsung’s developers have turned their smartphone into a product that Apple is quickly becoming very worried… Read more >

Expanding Cell Phone Lifespans

 Personal Experiences People these days can’t seem to let their cellular devices out of their sight for even one slight second. Whether it’s to check for never-ending emails from your client inquiring the status of their product, spending hours texting your boyfriend about how much you adore his new haircut, or the constant need to… Read more >

Nivea’s Solar Powered Charger

This might be one of the coolest advertisements I have EVER seen. Not only did NIVEA‘s marketing department excel at capturing the audience’s initial attention with young and attractive individuals on the beautiful Brazilian beach, it went on to capture even more attention and totally “wow” the viewers with its advertisement product. In the back… Read more >

Breaking: Your Next iPhone Will Have Wireless Charging: Here’s How They’ll Do It

Wireless Charging Apple, following their usual strategy, has yet to enter the wireless charging market, but evidence shows that they may soon be making an entry, and that entry may revolutionize the industry. For those of us who dream of charging our iPhones just by setting it down, as many of our Android friends do,… Read more >

Apple’s new Wireless Charger Patent

Good evening  shoppers. Today in the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” Department, we have Apple’s new Wireless Charger….the patent, that is.  Of course it’s not even available yet so, in the interim you might want to pick up one of our phone charging pads. You’re no doubt aware that they’ve changed the number of pins on… Read more >


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