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Coachella Music Festival Camping Tips

  The weekend has come. The weekend that can be dubbed greater than Christmas, Easter, and quite possibly the creation of the universe. Brace yourself, the weekend of Coachella has arrived. We have compiled a list of tips you should pay heed to in order to survive Coachella. And by survive, I mean you don’t… Read more >

Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry Conference

Restaurant Cell Phone Charging Station Can you imagine if one day every restaurant in America had free cell phone charging stations? ChargeAll is trying to make that dream a reality. ChargeAll belongs in every quick service, fast casual, and fine dining restaurant in America. Inquire about how our cell phone charging stations can be custom… Read more >

Las Vegas Luxury Travel Expo

Las Vegas Cell Phone Charging Station   Cell phone charging stations in Las Vegas? Yes, please! In the city that never sleeps, can you imagine having your cell phone die when you need it the most? Hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, slot machines, buffets, hair salons, tattoo parlors should all have ChargeAll. Let’s make sure the… Read more >

Charging Stations for Hospitals and Healthcare

  Hospital Cell Phone Charging Station Patients, Guests, Doctors, Health Care Professionals, EMT’s, Nurses – what do they all have in common? They need a charged cell phone. Phone charging stations are as important as the phones itself. ChargeTech is already loved by thousands of healthcare facilities around the country.  Facilities such as Kaiser Permanente and Harvard… Read more >

Long Beach Marathon – Turkey Trot

Marathon Cell Phone Charging Station   Make sure the next time you run a 5K/10K marathon on Thanksgiving day your cell phone is charged. If it’s not, the ChargeAll team will be there to provide free cell phone charging stations. Kind of like at the 2011 Long Beach Turkey Trot as seen below. Because, shouldn’t… Read more >

International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show

International Hotel Show – Free Cell Phone Charging Stations   ChargeAll provided free cell phone charging stations for the International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show in New York. Our goal is to encourage hotel and restaurant owners to provide free charging stations at their business. Has your cell phone died when you needed it most?… Read more >