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How to improve iPhone Battery Life

If you are an iPhone owner, you know that your battery can go dead at the wrong times, especially if you have many apps installed. Therefore, today we are focusing on how you can improve your iPhone’s battery life. Do Not Allow App Notifications When you install an app usually, it asks if you want… Read more >

Apple iPhone: Top 10 Tips to Make your Battery Last Longer

Today’s smartphones pack a ton of functionality, but all those features can be a drain on a phone’s battery life. Fortunately, of all the phones on the market, the Apple iPhone still gets top marks for battery life. But even with a relatively longer lasting battery, certain factors like weak signals and location tracking can… Read more >

Apple won’t be Offering a Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 Anytime Soon

The new iPhone 5 is a true masterpiece with countless features and specs that make any smartphone lover squeal like a 12 year old girl in excitement. It is the latest model in a long line of truly spectacular iPhones that have revolutionized the cellphone market and made Apple a leader in the industry, but… Read more >


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