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ChargeTech products offer the ability to increase your gross profit dollars and top-line revenue while offering a line of products that crosses into general office products, facilities, furniture, promotional, and technology. No other product line featured in Staples Business Advantage gives you the ability to cross-sell like ChargeTech products. To help reach your goals in 2019, we are pleased to give you the following resources on this page.

ChargeTech Power Floor Stand Charging Station


ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet, 27,000 mAh Battery Pack


ChargeTech All-In-One Phone Charging Station


ChargeTech 20 Bay UV Disinfecting & Charging Cart (USB)


Boost Customer Experience with Charging Stations

Store display stations are part of the future of retail businesses, which will blend the best of online shopping and brick and mortar. Such specialized customer experience touches will be key to their success.

ChargeTech has a full line of innovative charging solutions to address every need — from wall-mounted and floor stand display charging stations to charging lockers and ADA-compliant power tables.

Investing in Charging Could Bring Quick Returns

The importance of a fully charged phone is well-known in the retail industry, where consumers regularly use their smartphones to help them make purchasing decisions. Forges reported that stores that offer secure charging locations saw customer stick around twice as long, improved total purchases per transaction by 29%, and 50% more sales transactions than before.

Portable Power Outlets: Charge Wherever, Whenever

Don’t let low batteries hurt your customer experience. ChargeTech offers a full line of charging solutions for the hospitality industry, from individual portable power outlets to UV Charging Cabinets.

Contact us today for a free mockup to see how our charging solutions will look with your branding.

Charging and Sanitizing Hospital Equipment

Get the most out of your charging stations by placing them in areas with the most traffic, such as the lobby or waiting room, giving patients and visitors use of the station when and where they need it most.

Take the UV Charging Cabinet, for example. It effectively disinfects and charges up to 40 devices at the same time. Its UV light technology inactivates microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. UV light is “an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and highly effective way to disinfect and safeguard” against pathogens and microorganisms, according to Trojan UV.

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