Smart Phone Docking Station

Time’s are tough, we understand. And while this is nothing compared to ChargeAll’s phone charging pad, learn how you can make your very own docking station.

I’ve got a joke for you, if my smartphone is called a smartphone, then why doesn’t it charge itself? LOL. Really, why can’t my phone just jump onto a phone charging stand and plug the USB charging tip into itself.

We came across this great article on Duck Tape’s website about a smart phone docking station, it’s a resourceful way to keep your phone in plain sight while mounted on your desk.

The Duck tape brand write-up works with all kinds of USB devices that need multiple charging cables for their smartphone. I have a Samsung Galaxy and let’s face it, all of you Apple iPhone wannabe’s are living in the pass because we now have wireless cell phone charging stations.

Ok, enough delay, on to how to build a smartphone docking station made out of Duck Tape (BEWARE: This does not work with Nintendo DS gaming devices or even the Apple iPad).

1.) Find a box slightly larger than your smartphone. This is the beginning of the dock.

2.) Cut the lid on one end so that it sticks out approximately 1cm from the box.

3.) Slighty trim the sides to the thickness of your cell phone. In my case, I have a Samsung Galaxy, the thinnest smartphone in the world so it wouldn’t protrude as far as say the Zach Morris phone from Saved by the Bell.

4.) Cut a space on the side so that the charger cable fits

5.) Cover the phone cover with duct tape

6.) Create a triangle backstand for the phone and cover in duct tape. Then attach it to the back of the phone cover using tape.

Ok, there you have it, a tutorial on how to make a smart phone docking station, but if you need the real thing. I recommend ChargeAll’s charging station with multi charging tips for phones. That’s all, see you later alligators.

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