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Our goal is to make sure you’re always charged and always ready. The idea is simple, free cell phone chargers should be everywhere. That means ChargeTech in every home, office, school, hotel, restaurant, bar and coffee shop around the world. Over 90% of people around the world own a cell phone, the low battery issue is a universal problem everybody can relate to. We know there’s other options out there, but really… ask yourself this question, what happens when you’re out, and your cell phone dies? Where can you go to charge your phone? The idea is to place phone chargers everywhere. Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi right? It’s the same idea. Attract more customers and keep your guests longer & happier.

Companies Using ChargeTech

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“They’ve got Apple beat! It barely even feels like there’s a case on the phone. This is the case Apple should have made!”

– Lewis, Unbox Therapy

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