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The ChargeTech Difference

Our goal is to make sure you’re always charged and always ready. The idea is simple, free cell phone chargers should be everywhere. That means ChargeTech in every home, office, school, hotel, restaurant, bar and coffee shop around the world. Over 90% of people around the world own a cell phone, the low battery issue is a universal problem everybody can relate to. We know there’s other options out there, but really… ask yourself this question, what happens when you’re out, and your cell phone dies? Where can you go to charge your phone? The idea is to place phone chargers everywhere. Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi right? It’s the same idea. Attract more customers and keep your guests longer & happier.

“My customers ask me if I can charge their phone all the time. ChargeTech’s phone charging station pretty much solves that problem and is a great way for people to hang out, eat food and stay longer at my bar. It’s been a great addition to my restaurant.”

– Michael, The Globe Dine & Bar

Companies Using ChargeTech

“We did our research and decided to go with ChargeTech. Our students are loving the new Floor Stand Charging Stations! We will be rolling out these units throughout the rest of our campus.”

– Becky, Iowa State University

People Using ChargeTech

“They’ve got Apple beat! It barely even feels like there’s a case on the phone. This is the case Apple should have made!”

– Lewis, Unbox Therapy

ChargeTech for Your Industry


Did you know 92% of students do last minute studying and 68% of students make last minute changes to their assignments via smartphone? On campuses worldwide, students are struggling to keep their electronic devices alive so that they can manage their school projects, juggle classes, student activities, study sessions and campus social life.


Many hospital visits can be long, unanticipated, and stressful. It is the last place where someone wants to be without their phone. Or worse yet, be with a phone with a draining battery… That is why more hospitals are placing special amenities like phone charging stations in their waiting areas, guest rooms, and even operating rooms.


Watching sporting events and using cell phones are some of America’s top two favorite pastimes. If you’ve ever been to any kind of sporting event, you will see an ocean of people intensely watching the game or on their phones taking pictures/videos and uploading them to social media. Fans are crazy about their sports and their phones.


Buying a car is never an easy experience and can take hours to finally be completed. With so many people on their phones all the time, it makes sense to offer charging stations as a free amenity to potential customers and shoppers. During the few hours that it takes for a sale to finalize, buyers are usually left to sit and use their phones.

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The ChargeTech App

Low on Power? The ChargeTech App shows you all the places nearby you can charge your device to and get on with your life.