Samsung Galaxy S10 Unpacked

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Unpacked Highlights

With Galaxy S phone announcements always happening early in the year and the wave of leaks leading up to hours before the event, Samsung’s S10 Unpacked hardly showcased anything we didn’t already see coming a mile away.

Though that may be the case, however, that isn’t to say some seriously impressive and exciting tech wasn’t shown off to all those in attendance and watching the stream!

On top of some closer looks at the design factor of Samsung’s new devices, we also finally got a look at some of the specs these new products promise. Here’s a short recap on the most exciting bits from the event sans all the awkward selfies and uses of the term “epic”.

Galaxy Fold


Surprise! The new foldable Galaxy phone is being called the Galaxy Fold. Jokes about predictable names aside, Samsung has been teasing the use of foldable phone tech for years now, making today’s reveal quite the cathartic one for fans and casual techies alike.

We’re finally seeing the results of what was sure to be relentless testing and development following the team’s “Infinity Flex” reveal back in November’s developer conference.

Right off the bat, Samsung made it a rule to specifically mention that this phone is a luxury device, surely attempting to soften the blow that was to follow the $1980 price tag reveal. And while the Galaxy Fold is definitely not light on the wallet, the specs are all there. A 7 nanometer processor, 12GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard memory were only a few of the impressive specs mentioned for this 4.6 inch display phone that folded out into a 7.3 flex display tablet.

What really caught our eye, however, was the inclusion of 6 separate cameras. With three lenses on the phone’s back, two on the inside, and one on the front, the device is ready to snap pictures at any angle no matter what mode is being used.

The tablet mode of the phone also supports three app multitasking, a feature that was presented seamlessly and with no hassle at all on stage. With the real estate the tablet mode offers, no one app suffers from being overly shrunken down which allows for an almost desktop-level workspace!

The phone will drop on April 26th in both LTE and 5G versions and is sure to make the few who can afford it the talk of their social circles for some time to come. Now we simply wait and see if foldable screens is a passing gimmick or truly the next step in smartphone technology.   

Galaxy S10


If there’s one thing we can count on when it comes to Samsung, it’s a very noticeable jump in specs for their main Galaxy S line. This year proved no different as the S10 and S10+ both come equipped with an AMOLED display with dynamic tone mapping, promising a brighter, clearer, crisper resolution no matter where you are. As far as design goes, Samsung also laser-etched the camera sensors into the screen, making it the long coveted notch-less phone that truly delivers on the promise of an edge to edge screen.

Speaking of the camera, the new S10 line offers a triple rear pro-grade camera system with three modes: wide angle for everyday shots, telephoto with optical zoom, and ultrawide with 123 degrees of vision for stunning landscape shots. And with 12GB of RAM and the S10+’s gargantuan 1TB of storage, there’s room for years’ worth of experimental shots and self indulgent selfies.

By far the neatest function, however, is the phone’s wireless power sharing. A 25% increase in battery efficiency is one thing, but when you’re able to charge other devices, including other phones, by simply placing it on top of your S10, that’s when you move into innovation territory.

You can already preorder the new Galaxy S10 as well as view all of your storage and spec options on Samsung’s site.

Galaxy Buds


If you haven’t yet soured on the horde of Apple AirPods memes, rest assured knowing there’s fresh fuel for the fire in the form of Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds. Fit with sound by AKG, the new wireless earbuds come with dual adaptive microphones for dynamic, optimized clarity when making calls and are 30% smaller than previous models.

The Galaxy Buds are capable of holding a charge for 5 hours of calls and 6 hours of music. Much like the famed AirPods, they also come with a cord-free charging case that can be charged itself by using the S10’s new power share function.

These new earbuds will be available starting March 8th and will run you $129.

Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Fit


Delving further into the wearable game, Samsung also revealed more information about their two new watches, the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Fit. The former delivering what they call the “full smartwatch experience” complete with full color AMOLED display and the latter being more fitness dedicated with its more minimalistic design and more limited features.

Both models come with exercise tracking as well as sleep monitoring and the Galaxy Fit comes with water resistance to boot! And before you ask, yes, both can be charged using the S10’s power share.  


Despite knowing exactly what we were in store for, the Samsung Unpacked event definitely left us pretty excited for the state of the smartphone. Will we see more Galaxy Fold-esque phones in the future or will we see more of a return to form with better specs like the S10? Only time will tell.