Swift UV Quick Cell Phone Disinfector


Swift UV Quick Cell Phone Disinfector


Best Cell Phone Disinfector

Mobile phones are like Petri dishes in our pockets, harboring over 25,000 harmful bacteria per square inch. The Swift UV is the quickest and easiest way to disinfect these devices by killing germs in as little as 15 seconds. It helps businesses and schools keep their staff, guests, students, and teachers safe by stopping the spread of pathogens, such as the common cold, influenza, and human coronavirus, which can live on surfaces for up to 28 days.

The Swift UV is just what we need as we prepare to re-enter fast-paced environments like restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, entertainment venues, airports, hotels, hospitals, schools, corporate campuses, and all corporate or public sector facilities.

ChargeTech has partnered with iCleanse to distribute their suite of patented UV-C disinfection products in order to provide our clients with the best options available to keep their schools and workplaces pathogen-free.

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ChargeTech is proud to be the 2019 Business Products of the Year Winner!

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Keep People Safe
with Next Generation UV-C Mobile Phone Disinfection

The Swift UV by iCleanse is a revolutionary new device that changes the way we approach cell phone disinfection. With a 15-second dose time and an easy no-touch interface, the Swift UV provides convenience and ease of use without compromising on efficacy and safety. This product boasts 360-degree exposure to LED UV-C bulbs which are specifically designed to disinfect your phone from viruses and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds. ChargeTech partnered with iCleanse in March of 2021 to share with our clients this important new product which compliments our existing suite of high-capacity UV-C disinfection products, signaling our commitment to keeping schools and workplaces pathogen-free.

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Touch-Less Design

This product is designed so that you do not need to touch any public surfaces while disinfecting your device. Simply walk up and place your phone in the elevator-like slot, and the Swift UV takes care of the rest.

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Made in the USA

This product is designed and built in the USA by manufacturers that are committed to high-quality production and quality control.

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Wall Mount Option

This product can be mounted on the wall or a stand to fit your space and workflow.

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360 Degree Exposure

This product features strategically-placed LED bulbs that emit light at the peak germicidal wavelength along with translucent quartz glass to provide 360-degree exposure for your phone.

Tech Specs

In the box

1x Swift UV Phone Disinfector
1x Floor Stand

Disinfection Cycle Time

User-Defined — 15 to 60 sec.

Power Input

Wall Adapter Input: 120-240V


24 x 9.5 x 4 in without Floor Stand
65 x 9.5 x 4 in with Floor Stand
7 in Display Screen Size
6.5 ft Power Cord Length


47 lbs



Frequent Questions

How does the Swift UV disinfect?

The Swift UV disinfects your device by exposing it to UV-C light at the peak range of germicidal efficacy.

Is UV-C Effective?

UV-C is very effective. When exposed, organisms absorb UV-C light which causes lesions in their DNA making it impossible to replicate. UV-C disinfection is becoming the preferred method to keep surfaces free from viruses and bacteria.

How long does the Swift UV take to disinfect my device?

The Swift UV can disinfect your phone in just 15 seconds, killing dangerous pathogens like the common cold, MRSA, influenza, and human coronavirus.

What is General Purpose Disinfection?

General purpose disinfection is a germicidal agent that is intended for non-critical medical devices and equipment surfaces.

How long do UV-C lamps last?

The UV-C lamps generally have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

How do I replace UV-C lamps?

To replace UV-C lamps, get in touch with a ChargeTech team member here.

Is UV-C safe?

Yes, UV-C light is safe. These units are designed to contain 100% of the light emitted.