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Swift Disinfecting Station


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Swift Disinfecting Station


The iCleanse Swift is a convenient and easy to use, chemical-free UV-C disinfection station. Designed for maximum exposure, iCleanse’s patented technology applies consistent germicidal light to 99% of the surface area of the item you place in it.

ChargeTech has partnered with iCleanse as a licensed distributor to expand our offerings of UV-C disinfection units. This partnership ensures that our clients have access to the greatest possible selection of UV-C solutions.

The iCleanse Swift is easy to integrate into day-to-day activities and take the guesswork out of disinfecting. In as little as 15 seconds, iCleanse units effectively kill 99.9% of infectious pathogens like influenza, the common cold, and coronavirus.*

This Swift unit is perfect for disinfecting multiple mobile phones, tablets, stethoscopes, body cams, CB radios, and other personal items and electronics.

*Tested against COVID-19 surrogate OC43

ChargeTech is proud to be the 2019 Business Products of the Year Winner!

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Keep People Safe
with Next Generation UV-C Disinfection

The Swift Disinfecting Station by iCleanse is a highly effective UV-C disinfection station that can kill viruses and bacteria in just 30 seconds. This product delivers patented UV-C disinfection to help keep phones, tablets, and other objects pathogen-free. ChargeTech partnered with iCleanse in March of 2021 to share with our clients iCleanse’s compact UV-C units which complement our existing suite of high-capacity UV-C disinfection products, signaling our commitment to keeping schools and workplaces pathogen-free.

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Independent Lab Testing

This product has been tested by independent labs to demonstrate its efficacy in eradicating viruses and bacteria

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Made in the USA

This product is designed and built in the USA by manufacturers that are committed to high-quality production

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30 Second Dose Time

This product disinfects devices in just 30 to 120 seconds, allowing for a fast and efficient work-flow

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Intuitive Interface

This product features an intuitive touch-screen display to control the device with ease

Tech Specs

In the box

1x Swift UV Phone Disinfector

Disinfection Cycle Time

User-Defined — 30 to 120 sec.

Power Input

Wall Adapter Input: 120-240V


Swift: 24 x 9.5 x 4 in
Basket Accommodations: 11 x 13 x 2.75 in
6.5 ft Power Cord Length


35.5 lbs



Frequent Questions

How does the Swift mini disinfect?

The Swift mini disinfects your device by exposing it to UV-C light at the peak range of germicidal efficacy.

Is UV-C Effective?

UV-C is very effective. When exposed, organisms absorb UV-C light which causes lesions in their DNA making it impossible to replicate. UV-C disinfection is becoming the preferred method to keep surfaces free from viruses and bacteria.

How long does the Swift mini take to disinfect my device?

A 30-second dose time is sufficient to eradicate most pathogens like the common cold, influenza, and human coronavirus.

What is General Purpose Disinfection?

General purpose disinfection is a germicidal agent that is intended for non-critical medical devices and equipment surfaces.

How long do UV-C lamps last?

The UV-C lamps generally have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

How do I replace UV-C lamps?

To replace UV-C lamps, get in touch with a ChargeTech team member here.

Is UV-C safe?

Yes, UV-C light is safe. These units are designed to contain 100% of the light emitted.