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40K AC Battery Pack

$199.00 $179.00

(40K) Portable Power Outlet & Plug Car Charger

This car charging adapter allows you to charge up your Portable Power Outlet or PLUG unit in your vehicle while on the road. The adapter plugs into any 12V DC cigarette lighter port. Perfect for road trips, camping trips, or travel in general.
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40K AC Battery Pack

$199.00 $179.00

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Whether you work remote, camp, or plan on taking your next exciting road trip, the Portable Power Outlet 40 is ready to power you through it all. Every emergency and disaster kit should include a Portable Power Supply to provide power when it is needed most.

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Model: PPO40K

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Portable Power

Work from anywhere and have all the power you need to get the job done.  Powering laptops, phones, tablets, drones, speakers, lights, and so much more. Offering an impressive 40,200 mAh battery capacity and hassle-free, one-touch activation, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing reliable power is at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it.

100 Watt AC Power

High-density, high-output universal battery powers not only the charging of mobile devices but will also safely delivering up to 100W (110V) of power to anything you plugin to it.  From student to professional this portable power battery pack supplies enough power to get you through the gaps between wall outlets.

Hours of Power

With nearly double the mAh of power compared to PPOs in its same category, the 40k is built to keep you powered up.  The 40K portable power bank boasts a battery capacity of 40,200 mAh with a peak output of 120W.


Exploring rough terrain or excessive travel can leave most devices dinged, scratched, and altogether unable to function. The Portable Power Outlet, however, comes with a scratch-resistant and fingerprint-proof coating, ensuring it will stand up to the rigors of any journey.


With a universal AC outlet, dual USB ports, and Type-C ports, you can be reassured that your most-used devices are supported and ready to be charged when the time comes.


The easy to use interface is free of unnecessary features that bog down the operation and drive up costs. Having reliable power is just a press of the button away. It’s so easy, our moms can use it.

Power When You Need It

40,200 mAh battery will extend the life of your laptop by 20 hours* giving you the power to do more. See additional hours broken down below.



*Estimates based on comparing the mAh capacity of the 40k to the Macbook. The performance yield of the PLUG will ultimately depend on your particular device’s power draw.

Tech Specs

In the box

1x Portable Power Outlet 40,200
1x AC Power Adapter
1x Travel Pouch

Battery Capacity

Battery Drain With No Load : <3mA
Efficiency (Max) : 85%
Temperature Shutdown Point : 165°F

AC Outlet Specs

AC Output Voltage (nominal) : 120V AC
Continuous AC Power : 100W
Peak AC Ouput Power : 120W
Maximum AC Output Surge Power : 120W
AC Output Frequency : 60Hz

USB Port Specs

USB Power Output 2x

DC Power Specs

DC Output Voltage : 5V DC
DC Output Current (Max) : 3.1Amps
Type-C Power Output : 5V DC
DC Output Current (Max) : 3.0Amps


1lb, 15oz


8 (l) x 5.5 (w) x 1 (h)


1 Year Warranty


Manuals & Information


Frequent Questions

How do I power my laptop?

Open the powerstation AC battery’s AC port cover, press the AC charging button for 3 seconds (the AC charging LED will light) and connect your laptop charger or other devices within 30 seconds to begin charging.

IMPORTANT: The powerstation AC battery’s AC port is compatible with 110V devices that are rated up to 100W. Do not connect a device that is rated at more than 100W.

How can I tell how much charge my 40K Portable Power Outlet AC battery has?

There is an LED screen that provides a percentage readout of how much power is available.

How long does it take to recharge 40K Portable Power Outlet after use?

Approximately 3 hours at 10-15% and 4 hours completely drained. We recommend recharging your portable power outlet at 15%.


Rated out of 5
Great Battery

I seriously love this battery. I use it every single day and it has taken a serious beating in the time I've had it. I also bring this battery on camping trips and it's perfect for charging devices in the woods.

Rated out of 5
Excellent for office backup power.

Got this for emergency office situations but have ended up using it a lot for different things. Power went out and it was able to run the router. Also, use it to power the Echo Show for a few hours on the dining table. Ended up buying a second one. Definitely recommend it.

Rated out of 5
Perfect for powering my craft fair booth.

I ordered this in hopes to use it for lighting in a craft fair booth. I have seen descriptions of using marine batteries and converters and contraption-y set-ups, but didn't want to go that route if I didn't have to. Enter this little gadget that has a large battery capacity and--wonder of wonders--an AC outlet! This is perfect for the strings of LED lights I want to use in my booth. To test them I fully charged the battery (it came with 1/2 charge and took about 1.5 hours to top off) and plugged everything together. Everything is three 25' strands of LED globe lights that each pull 2W. I turned them on using the switch on the battery and they lit up perfectly. For 12 1/2 hours. The lights did not dim as the battery ran down. The only indication I had that power was almost gone was the final of 4 indicator lights had begun flashing. This battery is light weight, charges quickly, and lasts. Time will tell if it will continue to hold a charge so impressively. If it does not (I fully expect it to continue to be fantastic) I will update my review.

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